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Experts: Czechs spend more and more holidays in the Czech Republic, the cause is a little off and le

Czechs chosen for their holidays are increasingly the Czech Republic. This stems from the current statistics specialized portal According to experts, this fact is due to the lack of time off, reduced safety in many popular locations and mildly debilitating crown. Moreover, according to them, Czechs already filled exoticism and plenty of tourists.

Czechs spend their summer holidays usually on the country, particularly in South Bohemia, South Moravia or Jeseníkách. For accommodation they choose instead of big hotels rather small secluded guesthouse with family atmosphere and the tourist centers are transported. Experts agree that there is a new trend because of the short time off the job and attempts to minimize the time spent shipment to destination.

"Today's hurried time allows people only a few days off. Therefore they choose usually stay in a quick and easily accessible location with good commuting, thus increasingly in the Czech Republic. Example in our hotel for the last six months accommodated at 65% of clients from the Czech Republic, which is 25% more than in the same period last year, "said
Radek Fejgl of Morris Hotel in Marienbad." Current statistics show that the Czechs exotic to some extent diet. transport from home to the selected pension is also compared for example with trip to Italy negligible. Newly tend to seek a peaceful area of the Czech Republic, where they can be with your family or a larger group of friends to stay in a family guesthouse. Among the then commute to tourist attractions. most popular destinations from inland areas are South Bohemia, South Moravia. Czechs like to visit long and Slovakia. Among the most popular areas are beyond the mountains are thermal baths, "said Luke Przybylski trend, sales director of a specialized portal Discount residence.

Increased interest in staying on the territory of the Czech Republic by related experts also agree that in many formerly popular and favorite destinations changed economic or political situation. As a result, these areas are less safe for tourists, often paradoxically also more expensive. In this country, according to them the other hand, thanks to grants from European funds tourism infrastructure is constantly improving.

"The exchange rate is no longer for foreign travel as convenient as it once was a few really popular international destinations are currently ranks among life-threatening. These reasons, increasing dramatically the demand for accommodation in the Czech Republic, which thanks to finance from the European Union in this regard is flourishing. conditions for domestic tourism has significantly improved, especially in places where the concentration of tourists is so high, "said Pavel Hlinka, Vice President Confederation of Commerce and Tourism." Nevertheless, it is necessary to add that due to popularity of the Czechs in a cottage Weekend tourism will be our domestic tourism for many years to achieve the level of Germany and Austria, "said Hlinka.

Author - Source: Luke Przybylski

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