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You are buying a second-hand computer? Five tips to nenaletět fraudsters

Computers and Laptops quickly lose their value. If you are looking for a new laptop, you can save significantly walls of a new purchase of second hand equipment. Such purchases may not be simple. In cooperation with experts, we have prepared some tips on how smoothly and unnecessary risk to buy a used computer.

Shop with experts

Advertising and auction sites are filled with a variety of sales of older laptops and computers. In addition to fair offers quality older computers here but there are also a number of adverts that too does not work reliably. According to experts, a certain percentage of auction bids come from thieves who sell stolen computer equipment extra job. If so then bought a laptop traveling abroad, you run the risk of a seizure during a tour at the border. The surest purchase is why the professional specialized company. "Unlike ads and auctions have a specialized company one hundred percent sure of origin and especially the quality of purchased goods. The company is selling laptops before carefully inspected, cleaned and test their functionality, "said Catherine Raždíková, senior sales manager at Gigacomputer, which is a domestic dealer refurbished IT equipment." Quality dealer is liable for the legality of software installed on your computer bought in, which is very important especially for business owners, "said Raždíková.

Focus on the renowned brand

Especially recently with the advent of cheap tablets and smartphones appear on the market a completely new brand of computer technology. To get the newish computer or laptop for a long time served, prefer one of the world renowned brands. And especially a manufacturer that produces computer for demanding business applications. Nothing bad, if you choose notebook brand HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba and Asus. Conversely, if you find the manufacturer, which you have not heard, rather buy a computer, even though it was a very advantageous offer. Seller should give you detailed information about the offered model. Further details are of course available on the internet. Focus on the series for corporate and managerial use. These computers tend to have high quality construction and durability.

Beware of suspiciously cheap offers

Even when buying a used computer is true that you should avoid suspiciously cheap deals. Mainly on advertising and auction North can find at first glance bargains sale very cheap equipment. Although the computer at first glance looks good inside can be any hidden defect. She could also show up in the long run computers, test the seller may not yet be evident. Favor therefore offer a warranty period for the examination of goods. Lastly, check the license label that should be attached to the underside or on the side of the device. This will avoid the lack of legal operating system and installed software.

Find out enough information

Did you find second-hand computers that seem interesting? Before contacting a seller, you soon find enough information about the computer. It can for example be less hilarious piece in otherwise good model number or manufacturer of notebook with very high energy consumption and short battery life. In some cases, you can buy a newish computer, while an older model, but with better design and more equipment than offer a new, more expensive notebook. A good example may be popular older models of the brand IBM (Lenovo later).

Renew Program

If you are buying used hardware, it pays to prioritize those facilities that have been professionally renovated. Such a computer before selling inspected, tested and cleaned technician. Virtually so buy one hundred percent functional computer in very good condition. "Refurbished computers usually look like brand new. Renovated older computers to boot directly offers some great manufacturers. For example, HP has its HP Renew program through which you can get a branded computer or server this popular manufacturer at a very competitive price, "describes the benefits of refurbished hardware Catherine Raždíková.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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