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Refreshing summer games in Theatre Without railing

Refreshing summer games in Theatre Without railing Playing love, marriage, verbal and musical show will offer this summer playing at the Theatre Without railing. From 6 August 9th September the audience can enjoy the performances, which are usually sold during the year.

The comfortable air-conditioned theater will Stašová Simona, Veronika Žilková, Veronika Freimanová, Chamomile Charles, George Bartoška, ​​Stropnický Martin and other famous actors. The summer concert playing complement Roberta Christians grass species group, where he will perform American country music legend and phenomenal harmonica player Charlie McCoy or two shows 100 years of tango, the story of a great love google fiery Argentine tango. Tickets can be purchased at the theater or at Checkout usual ticket outlets.

"While other theaters in the summer, there are on the stage with a little erratic weather, we invite you to playful comedy with popular actors and also the best singer and music star, which is certain to entertain," says the manager of the Theatre Without railing Hana Heřmánková. "Viewers have the opportunity to the rest go to shows, which are in season tickets hard to come by, "he adds.

Among them are high-spirited comedy Italian Luigi Lunariho Three men in the wrong direction Boris Shchedrin by Theatre presents the 14th August. Each of the three main characters played by Charles chamomile, Bohumil Klepl and Zdenek Zak mistaking address. Almost anything that is not normal, but almost everything can be explained ...

A permanent fixture program includes a game each year at the same time the author Bernard Slade. Directly for the Theatre Without railing rehearsed it a great comedy director Jiří Menzel. Starring eternal lovers excel Veronika Freimanová and Zdenek Zak. A touching comedy about a fateful love, which is now also a famous film processing, see 20th August.

The popular love comedies include your game successful British playwright Alan Ayckbourn Where it was (a) at night? Again in sovereign directed by Jiri Menzel see her 21st August and 5 September. He relates that it was plausible answer to this question may be in a marriage - under certain circumstances - one of the toughest by far ... the main role with gusto took Josef Carda, Rudolf Hrušínský, Veronika and Jana Freimanová Švandová.

Amusing look behind the scenes of the theater just before the premiere comedy offers no clothes or even one behind the famous playwright Michael Frayn. In the story about how hard it is acting sandwich and what is also great fun, we'll see the 27th Rudolf August Hrušínsky, Dan Morávková, Joseph CARD and other excellent actors, directors was the third time Jiří Menzel.

Particular and chamomile George Karl Bartoška, ​​viewers can look forward to the 9th September, when the show will complete the game by Milan Kundera Jacques and his Master - a tribute to Denis Diderot. This witty, playful and wise comedy that is both sarcastic variations on Diderotův enlightened novel Jakub fatalist, staged Ivan Rajmont.

Movie stars and musical evergreens

Theatre Without railing in the summer time give several concerts. Robert Christian and second grass along with American country music legend Charlie McCoy will 7th August. The popular singer-songwriter Francis Nedved plays and sings 15th August. AND 28 August, the famous Čechomor.

The guest ensembles is definitely worth mentioning "family theater" Martina Stropnického and Veronica vein, who will present the 22nd Aug. game suites at Plaza author Neil Simon. In three stories from a luxury New York hotel also play Agatha Prachařová, Vincent Navratil and Kordulka Stropnický, was directed by Martin Stropnický.

Quite special guest will show 100 years of tango, a story of great love, which is playing at the 30th Summer and 31 August. Eight stories about the deep and passionate tango loves to accompany period shots and screenings, excellent dancing and singing performances and Italian voice actress of Czech origin Jitka Frantová.

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