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Circus Cirkör, Cahin-Caha and sorghum La Putyka returns to the Semester

Circus Cirkör, Cahin-Caha and sorghum La Putyka returns to the Semester Who charmed the sold out last summer Summer Cabaret common Lacrimae files Circus Cirkör from Sweden, Cahin-Caha from France and sorghum La Putyka the Czech Republic should sharpen.

This year, the three leading European companies new circus in August to the 10th annual Summer Summer returns - this time each with their own performance, which in this international project was created. "Each one is different, each is unique, each of them offers the ultimate experience," attracted by the festival director Jiří Turek.

Daniel Gulko
and his set-Cahin Caha are bringing to Prague performances Rose (August 18 to 20), subtitled "Finally circus and children are not allowed! 'Performance on the one hand full of sensuality, erotic, adult themes, and the other attracts Topping circus - acrobatics on the tightrope, bike, at heights, on the bed of nails, as well as contact dance. "In the performance of Rose going back to the basics of circus to his body sensuality, which extends between the poles of Eros and Thanatos, "said Gulko." Our oath is: Do not wear costumes when it's not really necessary and justifiable. Nudity is our only real costume ..., "he adds.

Audiences at summer summer will also see the latest performance of the famous Swedish Cirkus Cirkör file called Knitting Peace (August 25 to 28, August 30-September 3), in which both figuratively and literally woven together the world's top five performances of acrobats novocirkusových with breathtaking scene of yarn, knotted yarn, cotton fabrics, rags, a network of ropes, threads, fibers and wires. "stands with hands on trapeze, aerial acrobatics on ropes in the hoop, dance acrobatics, knitting on stage in front of an audience and live music - all comes to life under the direction of artistic director Tilde Björfors and creates unforgettable images, "says Jiří Turek.

Flying knives and arrows, acrobatics on the trampoline and Cyr Wheel, the first foreign performers, new circus disciplines, projections, live music, a cup of coffee in a five-meter level and above risk as the main theme - not just then visitors can enjoy summer summer during the most recent performance Risk (22 and 23 August) Cirk La Putyka that have received a great response to such prestigious festivals in France. "There may be a reliance on risk? Those of you who risk the lives deliberately seeks and who met with risky moment randomly? Who is afraid of him? What happens to a man when it comes to an edge? Introduction Risk is the essence of imagination and freedom of movement restrictions, full of contrasts, colors and emotions, "says principal Rostislav Novák file.

Letná Summer Festival will offer performances in the project Lacrimae hosting masters of aerial acrobatics, ensemble Les Colporteurs, a leading domestic groups, fairy tales and children's performances throughout the day, workshops, concerts, cafe and bar.

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