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Confirmed recycling fee must be included in the final price

Marketers must always provide customers with information about the final price of the product, ie including all taxes and fees for recycling. At long argument dtest now access and state authorities and breach of this obligation will continue fined.

The seller is trying to lure their customers at the lowest prices, and therefore often state the price excluding recycling fee, or it graphically highlight. The actual amount of the charge in the tens of crowns, although not withold but customer e-shop it learns example, after inserting the product into a virtual shopping cart or it will find listed below the fine print. For some retailers it even has added itself. "According to our legal interpretation of such a procedure merchants in violation of the law on consumer protection. It happens, unfortunately, very often, "says Law Center dtest Luke Green.

Association dTest long fought for the right marketing information to consumers. Lawyers dtest because last year their ideas to inform the supervisory authorities of similar practices in e-commerce operators. Subsequently informed, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. "Exclusion recycling fee on the price the consumer is misled and sellers and impairing the capacity of the average consumer to make an informed decision. This is based on our view of the law, not only from Czech legislation, but also of European Union law, "said Luke Green.

Lawyers Ministry of the Environment in response to a complaint dtest said that the seller is obliged to inform the consumer about the price so as not to wake the impression that the price is lower than what it actually is. Ability to inform consumers about the sale of the cost of collection and recycling of this does not rule. And recommended strict application of supervisory powers of the supervisory authority.

The Czech Trade Inspectorate agreed to this legal interpretation and the new prices will start marketing with a dedicated recycling fee sanction. "According to our information, now Czech Trade Inspection Association informs entrepreneurs and allows them to change their sites. After thoroughly will require the right approach, "said Luke Green.

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