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Drought threat to amphibians

Last week, employees were given a rescue station for animals ČSOP Vlašim information from farmers about perishing tadpoles in ephemeral Tunc near podlesí Čapek at Divis. Due to the very warm weather, it was necessary to act now.

Attendants station and went to the place and after assessing the situation made ​​rescue transfer.

"In Tunc, a large number of tadpoles of different species of frogs, particularly edible frog, a few individuals Kuneko žlutobřichých, toads and even tree frogs. There was that Tunku completely dry and tadpoles die. So we had all the tadpoles with fish nets and transported, "said Peter Švingr the rescue station and adds:" Their second home is in agreement with the local authorities became Tunku at the pond in Tremosnice. Total saved an estimated 2,000 individuals. "

Life is never easy transfer of tadpoles. The transmission is a need for a place with approximately the same properties of water as the original place of discovery. The most important aspects of water quality and pH. It then assesses the appearance of such offshore zones, which should provide tadpoles may be hidden in aquatic plants, while also offering shallow areas with plenty of sunshine.

"All kinds of amphibians, with the exception of common frog, are with us SPAs. Even though the transfers due to the complexity of finding a suitable replacement sites treated only in emergency cases where it is not possible to maintain the original location of the tadpoles grow up and leave, "says nurse Švingr.

If you also find drying pool, or you will tadpoles in the pond and you are afraid that did not die, and certainly nowhere tadpoles themselves carry a first call to a rescue station. Here will tell you how to keep your frogs to transfer more harm.

Source and photo: tz Podblanicko Ecocentre ČSOP Vlašim

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