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Anti-smoking law helps reduce the incidence of asthma in children

The London researchers examined the impact of anti-smoking legislation on children's health. Research has brought great news. In England, the introduction of smoking bans in public places reduce the number of hospitalizations for severe asthma attacks in a pediatric population.

Encouraging numbers

Anti-smoking law in force in England since 2007. Smoking is not here for any enclosed public places.

Scientists from Imperial College in London have decided to analyze statistical data from 2002, which provided them with the National Health Service NHS. They came to the following conclusions, published in the journal Pediatrics:
Before the introduction of Prohibition grew every year the number of children admitted to hospital because of an acute asthma attack by more than 2%.
A year after the adoption of the Act, the number of cases decreased by 12%.
The second and third year after the ban on admissions continued to decline by 3% per year.

The data above represent a reduction of more than 6,800 cases for three years from the provisions of the legislation.

People smoke less

Many critics of the anti-smoking law argued that its introduction will force smokers to make your home more often burned. According to the head of the research team Christopher Miletto is the reality is quite different. "The adoption of this legal changes triggered a welcome and unexpected shift in human behavior. More people are beginning to realize the benefits of smoke-free restaurants and other public spaces and adapts accordingly and their homes. This has a significant positive impact on the health of their children, who are less exposed to the risks of passive smoking, "says Professor Miletto.

Call for other countries

The obtained data support the results of similar studies in North America and Scotland, where smoking in public is also prohibited. The findings are good news for England. They can also serve as a model and encouragement for other countries to consider adopting similar legislation to lessen the health risks of passive smoking.

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