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Taste specialties insect

Noodles with sauce cockroaches, locusts in sesame batter, worms with garlic and other innovative dishes offer the Prague Zoo this Sunday at the Day of insectivores.

Wondering how to prepare truly gourmet experience? Just give very delicious and protein-rich insect food. Their tasting prepared employees Zoo Prague in cooperation with students of natural sciences on Sunday, the 5th UK August, a difference between the 10 to 16 hours will be the traditional day insectivores.

The Education Centre Prague Zoo visitors will be able to taste dishes such as these recipes:

Mealworms with garlic
Preparation: 1 dl worms Infuse hot water, drain. Rozhřejeme oil in a pan, fry worms and two mA sprinkle with a pinch of salt and two pinches of granulated or crushed garlic clove.

Grasshopper in sesame batter
Preparation: Infuse locust, coat in batter of eggs, salt and spices, then in bread crumbs mixed with sesame seeds. Put it in the hot oil and fry until golden brown.

The annotated meeting with Visitors also learn it, what to enjoy axolotl salamander or Leopard gecko, and gain insight into plates hrabáčice KVIDO or hedgehog Alberta. Special gourmet insect feeding of the animal kingdom are held throughout the day.

10.00 - Feeding aardvarks (African House)
11.00 - Feeding axolotls (before Training Centre)
12.00 - What do you wear to bodlinkách hedgehog? (Before the Education Center)
13.00 - Menu giant chameleon (before Training Centre)
14.00 - What's having čukvala a lizard? (Before the Education Center)
15.00 - How is enjoying Leopard? (Before the Education Center)

Source: tz Zoo, photo by: Stanislav Pecháček

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