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The first feature film Miroslava Croats, and the main role of Tatiana Vilhelmová

The first feature film Miroslava Croats, and the main role of Tatiana Vilhelmová Miroslav Croat, best known as the head of the Prague Dejvické award-winning theater, but in recent years also popular as an actor from the movie District Championship - Last match Joe Hnátek, Alois Nebel or Revival, began directing his first feature film.

Croat wrote the screenplay for his movie debut in Hanušovic hole with his classmate from high school, now a psychologist Lubomir SMÉKAL.

It is a totally contemporary story of a young woman who, instead of career teacher leads a pub in a small village, which meet all the residents. The main character Maruna (Tatiana Vilhelmová) lives on a farm with her younger sister jaruna (Lenka Krobotová) and authoritarian mother (Johanna Tesařová) and among several local neperspektivními men actively seeking a life partner. The film also tells the stories of several other residents whose fates are intertwined, and his story is set in a mountainous village somewhere in Jeseníkách.
The environment Jeseníky come and both the writers and Croat Smékal, which when properly used his writing. The film also stars Ivan Trojan, Jaroslav Plesl, David Novotný, Lukáš Latinák, Hynek Cermak and Simona Babčáková. Poetics of Film Hole in Hanušovic requires top actors and it is no wonder that the Croat populated mostly those actors who knows of cooperation in the theater.

"Our film has some inspiration. For example, poetry and humor internal Aki Kaurismäki, or the Coen brothers, but we were inspired by the work and Mrštík, "says director and co-writer Miroslav Croat. His longtime friend Croat originally approached for the scenario of stalking, but over time it was just a hole in Hanušovic. With Lubomir SMÉKAL Croat but worked already in the fifth grade at a magnificent but unfinished dramatization of The Three Musketeers.

The difference professions director and psychologist to help authors when writing roles and provide a wider range of views on the situation and the stories of the characters. "It was important that we have gathered over the issue that we were both very close, and we talked again. The story fits our perception of time, the atmosphere in society where people often lose their sense that they can themselves make a difference instead to try to change, "says co-writer Lubomir Smékal. Both writers are expressed her debut as a film in which the general rule that those who flee in time, wins, and therefore the hole at Hanušovic expression of respect for those who remain. "Regarding the genre, challenges us' existentially minded black comedy ', which is sufficiently opaque, so it could sit, "say the two creators.

The film was produced Ondřej Zima at Evolution Films, which produced the film such as Francis is a womanizer or produced successful drama series The District Championship. Co-producer of the film studio in Ostrava Czech television. "Krobot film debut, not only prequel, but also the realization set in an obscure village in Jesenice. Therefore, it is more than logical that the Czech television in this project is affiliated with the studio in Ostrava," says creative producer Catherine Ondřejková CT.

The cinema film head in 2014.

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