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Tanning: the risk for skin and for the heart

Now is the time for summer holidays. Whether you're lying on the beach or by the pond, keep in mind that the sun is a good servant but a bad master. Excessive "income" rays, however, does not only risk to the skin, but also for the cardiovascular system.

How harmful rays

Solar radiation has a short dose undoubtedly positive effect - for example, helps to form vitamin D, the inactive form is located in the skin. Probably also contributes to the mental well-being, which is indicated by the high number of suicides in Iceland, where is the least sunny days a year worldwide. On the other hand, prolonged sun exposure without the use of protective creams damaging the skin UV rays. Although the cells of the skin there are mechanisms that can repair damage to cellular DNA, the constant tanning can destroy them as well. The most common problems caused by excessive sun exposure include:
inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva, which can lead to so-called snow blindness
premature aging of the skin,
skin cancer,
malignant melanoma.

It is interesting that skin cancer occurs after prolonged exposure to UV rays on the skin, whereas malignant melanoma on the basis of short-term high-dose radiation.

I heart may suffer

Cardiac patients, but even healthy people should watch in the sun and watch on your heart. Although UV rays harm the body and blood vessels directly, but the heat in combination with sunlight give space for the emergence of dehydration, sunstroke or heatstroke.
Dehydration - leads to a reduction in the volume of circulating blood, the heart must then work harder and faster to smaller amounts of blood gave the authorities.
Heat stroke - caused by overheating of the organism when added to dehydration, headache, nausea, vomiting, apathy. Expansion of blood vessels in the skin can cause a large drop in blood pressure, which makes the heart work.
Sunburn - Sunburn is a subtype, which is connected to overheating and direct sunlight on the head. Severe sunburn can lead to unconsciousness.

Staying in the sun gives its pros and cons. Most important thing is not to overdo it, delete the sunscreen, wear a hat and take plenty of liquids.


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