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In Sumava is building the other part of the new bikeway

The National Park and Protected Landscape Area Šumava building another part of the bikeway. Section Glass - High branching platform to Prášilský will be open from November this year. Next year we will expand the bikeway last missing section of New Hurka - Glass. Prospectively could be extended to bluish.

Glass - High branching walkways.
This is another section of the Bohemian Cyclists who this summer Munchausen arises near the Bohemian Forest. Investor is the NP and PLA. "This section is constructed by turning on the high walkways connect the two already finished, ending with moss and Srní Šumava Cyclists will become more comprehensive and longest bike path in the Bohemian Forest," the wadi Pavel Pechoušek, spokesman Administration of NP and PLA.

"It's part of the section that is still lacking in long-term conceptual plan. Thanks trails, becomes a movement "bikers" in the National Park incomparably safer and friendlier to walkers and local rare nature, "says Jiri Manek, director of the NP and PLA.

The idea Šumavské Cyclists was founded in 2006 when it built its first part Gerlova Hut - New Hurka the territory of. Since then extended for a further two completed sections branching off from the high platform to Prášilský to the mossy Srní, if supported by Interreg IV, cross-border cooperation of the Czech Republic - Bavaria. Recently, about 5.3 km long stretch between New Hůrkou and glass is currently projected.
Roast Cyclists will be approximately 43 km long and connects the original plans Iron ore, spinners and whiting, while the newly constructed sections will be 24.5 km long together.

"Total costs in 2006 amounted to about 71 million. Construction of the current - 3.2 km long section of glass on high platforms will cost 10 million crowns, "said Joseph Martin, project manager, with the money we managed to get funding from the Operational Programme Environment and Public Works (OPE).

Source: tz NP Šumava
Tz Author: Pavel Pechoušek

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