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LSS 2013: Merry Wives of Windsor expect jubilee stotisícího viewer

LSS 2013: Merry Wives of Windsor expect jubilee stotisícího viewer Audience very popular comedy about a woman's wit and stupid male jealousy Merry Wives of Windsor, which is the Summer Shakespeare Festival plays its fifth year, will welcome these days his stotisícího viewer. And no wonder, great directorial concept Menzel, good cast and translation Martina Hilský are strong attributes and audience interest in visiting the waning performance, quite the contrary.

"Stotisícího welcome visitor probably some of the performances of the week from 12 August, when the Merry Wives of Windsor we on our summer scene at the Liechtenstein Palace in Prague in Lesser Town Square. Each visitor "mister" and has the potential for becoming the stotisícím and get attractive prices, "says festival artistic director Libor Gross.

In the starring Simon Stašová as Mrs. Pažoutová and Bolek Polivka in the role of Sir John Falstaff. "Most looking forward to Bolek Polivka, to me, but mainly viewers can always reliably laugh," says Simona Stašová. I further cast leaves no doubt as to why this game is to steadily favorite. In other parts will Jaromír Dulava, Jaroslav Satoranský, Rudolf Jelinek, Eva Režnarová or Jan Přeučil.

Merry Wives of Windsor is played on two scenes Summer Shakespeare Festival in Prague, and the 10th - 16th 8th in the Liechtenstein Palace (APA) and 18 - 23rd 8th the Supreme Prague Castle.

And what else visitors can still enjoy the Summer Shakespeare Festival in August and September? To 16 8th played a very successful play Richard III. Jiří Langmajer and Klar Issová in the lead roles (Supreme Prague Castle). The final show will again feature the premiere of this year's Midsummer Night's Dream in tandem processing overhead scooters, with David Prachař in dual roles of Theseus and Oberon, and Vanda Hýbnerová rolls Hyppolity and Titania. (25th 8th-7th 9th highest Prague Castle).

Source: Press Release
Photo: Viktor Kronbauer (Simon Stašová - Mrs. Pažoutová, Bolek Polivka - Falstaff)

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