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Summer Wishes slenderness

Summer Wishes slenderness Half of the holidays behind us and you still bothering ugly Faldík? You still have a month of time to improve. In the summer, losing weight is the easiest, even though he spent mostly in the office. Importantly want to lose weight and it's something that's why they do. We add a few tips on how this general tendency to do more.

Reasons why summer sheds easier, are numerous.

The heat - the heat of summer so you do not have a big appetite for heavy foods, which are generally kaloričtější than light salads, fresh fruit and vegetables
Water - more you sweat, so you have a greater thirst and thus in the body for better metabolism. The more you drink, the less water retention, so i look slimmer.
Movement - though do not spend most of the summer on vacation, but in the office, the sport have much more time than the rest of the year. Whether it is by being more visible and you can virtually play sports until the night outside. In addition, the holiday time passes more slowly - in any business is not someone you just need to leave, so everything takes longer. Only a fool does not use the extra time for yourself, just need more frequent exercise.

Of course there are individuals who are able to take on holiday. Especially if you start in the morning opulent hotel's breakfast, all day proležíte on the couch, for lunch and ice cream you day culminates in a multi-course dinner. If you want to end the holiday season to look better, it will simply want a bit of will and self-denial. On the other hand, it will cost you much less effort than in the rest of the year (perhaps with the exception of Christmas).

Do not miss nutrients

The promise of weight loss is the ideal time to encourage more appropriately skombinovaným diet that promotes metabolism, strengthen immunity, and even adds to the beauty of your skin.

Alpha and Omega are antioxidants. Promote metabolism, rid the body of harmful substances that may also bind to free radicals and also contain many beneficial substances the body. Because summer is a considerable burden for the body (heat, UV radiation, irregular diet, physical fatigue of the sport). Therefore, it is effective to add antioxidants body differently than a normal diet. A good solution is to supplement - preferably one that contains all the substances in one tablet. For example, you can try Selzink Plus. Balanced combination of selenium and zinc, as well as vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene.

How to lose weight and suffering not

In addition to antioxidants your body needs in the heat also regularly adding magnesium (recommend to supplement Promagsan), which leaves the body through perspiration. Especially if you spend an active summer. Then you also need more iron (try a dietary supplement Acidofolan - except iron also contains folic acid and vitamin B12).

If you need all these body substances fairly good supply of regular doses reward you with energy and vitality that one of you will literally blast. Remember that in extreme conditions (which this year i vacation in Central Europe are) runs the body at rest to full throttle and did not merely a matter of accepted normal diet. Especially if you're on it like most people in heat just not hungry, so you eat less. And when you eat, and especially fruits and vegetables, making a total of dull.

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