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8 things that will help prevent psoriasis flare

In addition to taking prescribed drugs and the recommendations, which your doctor will equip you can increase control over their disease and prevent the outbreak of psoriasis still other measures. What are these?

Skin care and stress free life

Humidity. Keep your skin hydrated with moisturizing milk, cream or oil. So it avoids unwanted dryness, which often leads to a worsening of other symptoms of the disease. Can also help home humidifier.
Proper care. Treat your nails and skin, including hair pieces. As far as manicures, this should be carried out regularly and carefully to avoid the slightest injury. When the recommended shampoos do not forget the need for their application directly to the skin and not the hair. The skin on the rest of the body to help healing baths accompanied by such a genuine Dead Sea salt, powdered oatmeal or irritating oils.
Heat. During cold and dry weather can easily cause a disease flare. Therefore, it is appropriate to think about it in this context include the planned leave. If you surprise the freezing conditions at home, prefer warm, but the cotton breathable clothing.
Sun rays.
Most patients with psoriasis beneficial sunshine and warm climate. Soak up the sun, but in moderation. Ultraviolet radiation does have the beneficial effect of psoriatic lesions, but excessive sun exposure is a risk for skin rather.
Drugs. Discuss with your doctor the safety and possible change in drugs used for other diseases than the psoriasis itself. Among those that worsen the symptoms of psoriasis, include lithium, used in psychiatry, or some cardiac preparations.
Injury. Attempt to avoid various injuries, burns or insect stings. Any disruption of the skin, including acupuncture and tattooing, namely increasing the risk of flare of psoriasis.
Psyche. Do not stress the chance to have the disease negatively. For example, try some relaxation techniques and indulge in plenty of time for my hobbies.
Diet. Think about your lifestyle. Much Exercise, adjust your eating habits and limit your alcohol intake.

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