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Domestic violence and alcohol?

Domestic violence and alcohol? In the new movie singer Veronika Malatincová radically solve the problem abortive marriage. Movie version of the video has a story that is solved for hundreds of years, and most tragically, as evidenced by the folk song "Ej, women, women poradteže me."

Video here

No, this is definitely not a hilarious video instructions on how to solve marital problems, but Musica Folklorica the song chosen as theme song for his next album theme, which plays a major role in a woman. Songs album Ej, women, women are poradteže me about the joys and sorrows of women in the Moravian-Slovak border and the great merit of convincing interpretation of the Veronika Malatincová, which belongs to the most significant představitelkám current young generation of folk singers.

The video clip is also an invitation to the premiere of the show, which takes place as part of the festival Milotice 2013 . In Sunday, 08.18 from 19:00 in the park in Milotice demonstrate Musica Folklorica and Veronika Malatincová the presence of other guests for the first time live songs recorded on the album Ej, women, women poradteže me and which represents and hilarious video. "directing, screenplay and cinematography are entrusted Šárce Han and Paul Vrága and it was the right choice. We are satisfied with the result, "says co director of Musica Folklorica Petr Pavlinec.

Ej, women, women poradteže me

18th 8th 2013 from 19.00 to 20.30 h, Park (at the back of the stage), the State Castle Milotice
Author: Miroslav Kolacia and Petr Pavlinec
Word is accompanied by Monika Frantová
Performed by Musica Folklorica, Veronika Malatincová, Martin Prachar, Jaroslav Chaika, service trees female choir, female choir Lipina

Source: Press Release

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