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A third of electricity suppliers insufficiently informed about prices

Consumers have to be sufficiently informed about the prices of electricity, including final prices. A third of suppliers while its customers comprehensive information is being provided.

Dtest survey focused on whether it is possible the website electricity suppliers to find an adequate offer a comprehensive price list. The price list should show the distribution of regulated and non-regulated components of the price and at the same time should be the final price that the consumer can expect for 1 MWh consumed. "For tracing the price list was found in one vendor misconduct, it only lists prices for existing customers. New customers do not get the chance to find out prices, if not request an offer individually, "says legal consultant dtest Paul Málková.

The actual price lists showed errors in the third of the cases. "Electricity providers often give only constant payments and price per 1 MWh stipulated by the supplier. Forget, however, specify information about the regulated component of the price that the final price for 1 MWh may increase to more than double. Information about the final price consider an indispensable part of the price list, because most consumers are governed primarily, "says Paul Málková. According to the Consumer Protection Act, the customer must have the final price always available.

The survey also focused on the same scale of fees. It charges in case of breach of contractual obligations or requirements beyond those provided for free can become part of the costs associated with electricity supply. If the tariff was not traced, usually the charges were part of the terms and conditions of the supplier. "Some of the charges, however, considers unreasonable," says Paul Malkova, adding: "That's fee to be futile exit technique, which did not materialize, the fee for issuing certificates of indebtedness or charge consultation for the content of the contract. "

Synoptic table of the survey results is available at / supplier-power .

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