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4 Tips to equip the pupils

Towards the end of summer begin again to think of our kids school obligations. Starts and chase around the shops with school supplies and stationery, where grope about what actually our children will need in school.

Given the very wide range and constant innovations and zlepšovákům but we can easily happen that we do not know what the various school supplies that are used and for our children really need. Below is a few tips on the most important items that should not be in pre-school shopping list be missing.

First School backpack or briefcase?

Especially for children walking to first and second grade recommended by most medical school bags. But it is also suitable for children drobnějšího growth due to its hardness and the resulting effects on the shaping of a child's spine. Briefcase with compartments and pockets also facilitates the arrangement of school supplies. "School briefcase or backpack should be fixed padded back with a sufficiently strong and padded back straps that will not push the child," advises Jana Martínková of the company Activa, which, through internet business offers a wide range of school and art supplies. "Think we should also be easily closed and locks to open, as this new patent magnetic closure, which for these purposes is a highly reliable," says Martínková. Last but not least, then an important part and reflective strips, increasing the visibility of the child in the dark, but even in bad daylight.

Second Writing and drawing are the basis

For children in the primary school are preferable classic pencil cases than housing. Better and faster in them is able to orient himself. The ideal is to buy a pencil box empty and equip it individually, really high-quality stationery. Writing pen should have an ergonomic grip, a 3 edges. Children are better able to hold and acquire good grip when writing. Triangular would then have first-graders and a pencil, and a medium hardness. Equipment is different according to different elementary schools, which usually this kind of writing instruments specifically prescribed. The basis is certainly crayons least 6 basic colors, markers are banned in some institutions. Of course it is also a good eraser and ruler. When buying needs, we should not forget the art education, where children could need paint (watercolors and tempera), plasticine, washer or maybe glue. Again, it is better to find out in advance whether the equipment has a primary school, or is required to buy it. There are also special, special offers all the basic needs such as writing or art education. Their price ranges from 200 CZK.

3rd Boards, tables, books

When you have our kids what to write, still need basic equipment books. "For the children in the lower classes certainly choose from woodfree paper. Papers marked EKO are suitable for older children who are already writing chafing and do not write with a fountain pen. Otherwise they charge duplicated on the other side. The books differ not only by the number of parties, but also the type of linking. With the purchase therefore wait for the list of schools, "says Jana Martínková of the company Activa. In stores we can meet even the books that have been printed vertical edges to prevent writing to the regions. It is a big help schoolchildren, but beware that the edges meet the requirement of teachers. Prvňáčkovské practical accessory equipment are covers for books, as well as on board the alphabet or numbers. Their price ranges from 50 CZK. Then we should not forget even for a small workbook format, called the diary to record important notes and tasks that teachers communicate to parents.

4th Equipment on breaks

Children need to equip not only the immediate teaching. Given that in school spend nearly half of will need further equipment. Of course there is a snack box and water bottle. The current trend is particularly so-called healthy bottle. They are suitable for beverages up to 100 ° C and contain no harmful substances such as phthalates or plasticizers. There are no traditional plastic odor and is easily washed in the dishwasher or warm up in the microwave. As for accessories, a lot depends on what the school requires. Some children need to have to bring their own towels. If you use your bench all year, they can get there hands to be a pickpocket.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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