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Richard Müller & Fragile represent their voices

Richard Müller & Fragile represent their voices Slovak singer Richard Muller is without exaggeration a legend. His fans, however, continues to amaze even after three decades in the music scene. This time the project comes with unique voices!

A multiple Golden Nightingale teamed up with vocal group Fragile together and reinterpret their biggest hits as well as lesser-known songs in new arrangements, without using a single tool! Autumn is not only present on the new album, but also a large Czech-Slovak tour, where he will perform fantastic form in the interpretation, a cappella '.

Just pure voices and breathtaking form of interpretation, a cappella '. That is the new project of Richard Muller with a descriptive name in a voice that is the work of legends Slovak music scene and groups Fragile. "Said gate of dice that say 'yes'. I honestly admit that I have such a difficult job for thirty years of his career had never seen before. I imagined it simpler and easier. But it is hard, very hard. Sing with voices means that the songs are no guitar or other solos. So far I liked it but very well with my work, because they are all very nice people and the gates Cube is great, though very demanding bandleader, "says conjunction with vocal octet Richard Müller.

A lavish praise singers or Fragile, gates Kostka, Sonia Norisová, Helena Krajčiová, Svetlana Rymarenko, Jana Golisová, Slavo Košecké, Vilo Csontos and Kamil Mikulčík. "It's a big challenge for us. For us, the most ideal interpreter of Richard Müller, everyone in the group we have his music very much. It is a project which brings with it a lot of work to us but very fun, "say in unison.

Nacvičením for each track are the months of hard work. For Richard Müller and group Fragile but it is an adventure, exciting even dangerous. Just when one is mistaken, and the whole structure can collapse. Therefore is the name of Fragile and concise. Voices in addition to filing a cappella 'prepared not only hits, but the singer's lesser-known songs.

"The selection of tracks I had the goal, because he is in fact very different focuses. The song, which seems good, is not fit for this kind of interpretation. But basically we agreed. Basically in my repertoire I'm lucky that I have a song that I wanted to present, "explains
the process of selecting music singer who firmly believes that as well as his delight Voices also fans. They can look forward to the new CD, which will be released in early September, but at the same Czech-Slovak tour. A series of sixteen Czech concert begins on Saturday 14th September Concert at the Castle in New Světlov.

More information about the joint project of Richard Müller and groups Fragile voices and the upcoming autumn tour of the same name can be found here . Or on Facebook .

Source: tz, tz photo to Jakub Klimo

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