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Marijuana is dangerous?

Marijuana is the most widely used drugs in the world. With its use are also associated with serious health risks. Read about some of them.

Diversity effects

People often use marijuana for its relaxing properties, it brings happiness, improves communication skills and desire to laugh. Some, however, have one "pull" feels wrong. Gives the feeling of hunger. Marijuana has hallucinogenic effects, people become more aware of your senses and feel that time passes more slowly.


Even at the risk of marijuana dependence. Whether the addiction develops, depends on many factors: how long the drug was used, how much, how often. And of course, it is so decided and individual susceptibility. You lose control over use, and if you try to quit, it appears mental or physical withdrawal symptoms such as overwhelming craving for the drug, irritability, mood swings, altered appetite, weight loss, sleep problems and sometimes sweating, tremor, and diarrhea .
If marijuana enjoyed only a short period of time, you should be able to stop, but after long-term regular use, it is much more difficult.

The health risks associated with "grass"

Anxiety, panic, paranoia, suspicious behavior.
Incoordination of movements (banned from driving after consuming marijuana!).
Pulmonary disease and lung cancer (due to the addition of chemicals, a higher risk when combined with tobacco and smoked without a filter), worsening of asthma, wheezing .
Increased heart rate and blood pressure changes.
Increased risk of psychiatric patients (relapse of schizophrenia, paranoia).
Negative influence on fertility (reduction of mobility and sperm suppression of ovulation).
When used in pregnancy, low birth weight baby.
Problems with learning and concentration, loss of motivation.

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