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The strangest day of summer for the last 35 years

The strangest day of summer for the last 35 years In Šumava morning frost, the day tropics! This is nowhere else in the Czech Republic can not stand! Second August Kvilda - freezing cold in the morning and during the same day as temperatures climb to tropical values. Kvilda also started work a new weather station. So far, the National Park Sumava temperature was measured only in the nearby freeze-valley, dropping below freezing even in the summer - details of it discourage tourists.

Morning freezes, the same day the tropics - Šumava.
Nowhere else in the Czech Republic, it can not happen. This temperature abnormality in addition Šumava offered for more than 35 years of measurement.
Second August early morning showed thermometer weather station Perla Kvilda minus 0.1 degrees Celsius during the day, the temperature climbed to 30.2 degrees Celsius - a tropical temperature.

"It's absolutely unique in the whole country. Nowhere is this possible. Itself measures the temperature in the Bohemian Forest since 1978. For this trait never happened. Value is all the more valuable because it was such a difference in temperature measured by professional technique, "says
guru Bohemian amateur meteorologist Anthony Vojvodík, nicknamed The Hunter frosts.

"Festival meteorological delights of this summer continues. Šumava is beautiful and unpredictable. Thanks to these inimitable natural conditions, such as summer frosts. Hoarfrost on the moors during July is a great experience for everyone there is no issue, "said Paul Pechoušek, a spokesman for the NP and PLA.

During July this year fell temperature of the National Park Sumava twelve below zero. This happened most recently in 1991, when it was those days even the 13th July frost, but not in Šumava no exception, falling below freezing temperatures in the Šumava every year at least once - whether it's on or Mountain National Park Sumava National Park Sumava.
The lowest temperature in July this year from the 16th July, when the temperature dropped to minus Perle 3.6 degrees Celsius.

"The absolute record in July, but dates from 1996, when the temperature fell to minus 7.6 degrees Celsius," says Vojvodík, which together with other amateur meteorologists supplies information for server Here you can see the unique footage from webcams of the most attractive places around the Sumava National Park. "This is a unique footage of the Bohemian Forest, which we use for our presentation," said Paul Pechoušek, a spokesman for the park.

Surprising differences in temperatures are normal in the Bohemian Forest. Information about the frosts of Kvilda, but terrified tourists who, according to local business owners fear the Bohemian Forest ride. "Some have thought that after arriving at Kvilda immediately frozen," says Václav Vostradovský, Mayor Kvilda.

Therefore, let meteorologists middle Kvilda install additional meteorological station. "Data obtained from it will demonstrate that the temperature within the National Park Sumava are absolutely standard and predictable. No one need fear the extreme. The data will serve tourists who will prepare the Bohemian Forest, "says Václav Vostradovský. Meteorological station on the National Park Sumava only 13 days, but the results are already evident.

"The temperature difference between pearls, which is frost basin and station in the middle of Kvilda he was at the same time and 12 degrees Celsius," says Anthony Vojvodík.

Source: tz NP Šumava

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