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Record season for vultures

Breeding vultures in the Prague Zoo recorded this year some extraordinary achievements. Hatched three chicks of endangered and quite exceptionally on rearing species.

Vultures are among the toughest breeding species. The Prague zoo has been showing some success in rearing this season but despite floods hit quite extraordinary. Breeders for the first time in the history of twins managed to breed endangered vulture vulture chick mrchožravého and brown.

"Vulture vulture is the only species that can breed two chicks at once. In captivity, but it is a completely unique phenomenon. Our this year's breeding is only the third breeding two vulture chicks in Europe, "says the increases curator of birds Zoo Praha, Anthony Vaidl.

Parents of young vultures had to be evacuated due to the floods in Ostrava Zoo. A pair of four-day chicks, therefore, took the foster couple. "First one and then a second baby and we put it under the adoptive parents. They started great care, "says curator of birds Anthony Vaidl.

After a month controlled breeders proper development of the offspring. Every day, climbing to a nest located high on a rock in the aviary of birds of prey to consider it and fed the.

"We have managed. Today, they are already fully feathered chicks, and although still in the nest with their adoptive parents, to us they are already independent. We were banded and wait until about three months for the first time come out of the nest, "says Anthony Vaidl.

The other, rarer still growth, have contributed vultures brown. Prague couple deponovanému in Liberec zoo hatched chick in mid-May. Parents, however, were inexperienced, so breeders decided to transfer young people aged ten days to best foster parents in Prague. Successful education, however, interrupted flood, because of which had to be birds in the three weeks separated by a surrogate mother.

"After the water subsided we again joined a fascinating was that among them there was no theft at all! The female cub immediately accepted and began to feed him without hesitation. Over such a success pozastavovali and our European colleagues, "says Anthony Vaidl.

In all European zoo this year only managed to breed two young cub supa brown. The Prague zoo has reaffirmed its role as the world's leading breeders.

Prague Zoo keeps vultures almost since its inception. The first brown vultures came in 1933, from 70 years successfully breed pups. Vultures are carrion since 1936, the first cub, however, managed to breed in 2000. Prague zoo runs from 2002 studbook for the vultures and carrion from 2012 is responsible for the leadership of European conservation program (EEP) for this species.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo to tz: Anthony Vaidl, Zoo Praha

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