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Disease of the nerves most of the alcohol and diabetes

Nerve disorders can lead to frequent falls and to chronic wounds. How does that of the originally innocent little abrasions or bruises on the leg arises unpleasant chronic wound? The reasons are many, but the risk of difficult healing wounds significantly increases the neuropathy - a disorder of the nervous supply. This problem faced especially diabetics, neuropathy, however, may have a variety of other causes.

The fault diabetes and alcohol

Polyneuropathy is a disease affecting more peripheral nerves - that is, those that are outside the brain and spinal cord and supplies the skin and deeper tissues lying.
A number of diseases can during their course affects the nerves that accompany them. Often they polyneuropathy occurs unobtrusively and without obvious causes, and over the years gaining momentum.
In Europe, the most common disease of the nerves associated with two causes - with alcohol abuse and diabetes.

Unpleasant symptoms

Nerve disorder is usually called "rukavicovité" or "ponožkovité" layout - disability begins from the fingertips and directed the limb towards the body. Among the first symptoms may include burning, tingling and itching of the affected area, usually the legs. It is a false sensations, called paresthesias, which are often painful. Frequent numbness is also the area, lack of sensory perception and sensory disturbances - patients do not perceive touch, fail to recognize vibrations and distinguish hot and cold items. These disorders of the nervous supply may lead to instability when walking. In addition, easily causes small bruises and injuries, the limbs are due to poor conduction and less blood supply and the wounds are so often poorly healing. As a result of chronic wounds.

It is important to eliminate the causes

Neuropathy can be treated, but the most important factor is the removal of the underlying cause. Thus, most treatment of diabetes and keeping blood sugar at the optimal range. It is also important to limit alcohol consumption or avoid it completely. In addition, nerve function to improve the administration of vitamins, bolesti.é symptoms is again possible to suppress some antidepressants and painkillers. Approach to the patient but must always be complex and often involves multiple strategies.

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