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Trutnovský Woodstock legend begins today

Trutnovský Woodstock legend begins today Today begins Trutnov Open Air Festival begins in worship. Furthermore, will the king of white blues John Mayall, Čankišou and padlock or Vlasta Redl with flare. It will be of the Mayallovo first domestic performances in the open air.

Colorful mosaic day following Čankišou, Padlocks, Vlasta Redl with extraordinary performances with flares, Blanka Šrůmová of tacit agreement, the legendary Jazz Q Martin Kratochvil, but also lonely man with a guitar in his "mini-festival".

Trutnov Open Air Festival - Czech Woodstock will be held from 15 to 18 August and his twenty-sixth year is dedicated to the victims of violent post-war expulsion.

Three solo men on stage

Established tradition and one of the characteristic features of the old man and the patriarch of the Trutnov Woodstock festival is that it does not publish the schedule forward or turn divided into bands performing each day. Its visitors to learn about the program on the site of the Festival samizdat.

"We honor the moments of surprise and pleasure of meeting. Thursday's program and the first day of the festival is the exception. It is imbued with energy. People meet and learn. Vita and enjoying joint reunion. Girls are fragrant and the air is expected to feel the energy coming days, "say the organizers of the oldest music festival of its kind in the country.

Gates will open magical planet in 16 hours and two hours later it will start happening on the main stage of service for the victims of wild post-war expulsion, which this year is dedicated to the festival, and for the next four days of peace and friendship festival. It's almost a tradition that the first day of the festival begins Brno world music band Čankišou, which according to many visitors in 2009 Trutnov main stage literally "stole the show" stars of the evening, the British Primal Scream.

Following are other festival certainty: Punk Padlock and after Vlasta Redl not only his band but also folkrockovým flare. The one at the beginning Vlastovy career Redlových popularized several songs including the best known, popularized "Goodbye, galánečko".

Half an hour before midnight, is the main star of the evening, the British "godfather" of white blues John Mayall. The main organizer and mastermind Trutnov festival Věchet Martin reveals: "We openly admit of our teepee that fulfills our age-old dream. John will have the honor of opening the festival, which is very symbolic, for indirectly stood at his birth. When he arrived in 1985 in the former Czechoslovakia on his first and last appearance in the open air in Bratislava lyre, this was something unseen and unheard. It was well aimed and fired an arrow into our hearts, that we infected the desire to make a decision regardless of the circumstances of a big music festival. So for two years and has ... "

After John Mayall's happening on the main stage concludes "mini-festival" solitary man with a guitar. "Three men sit beside him on the chair, legs crossed, and one by one, play two to three of their songs. It will be a somber Vaclav Havelka of Please The Trees, Stoker One Man Band rattles its three instruments at once and depends sing some of their folk songs. During the "mini-festival" will all sit in chairs and listen to produce his 'lonely' buddy. Then all rise, bow and leave, "added dramaturgy dots for Thursday's events on the Main Stage Martin Věchet.

Another scene that will play on Thursday, the underground headquarters IM Jirous. In the evening it starts at eight o'clock Blanka Šrůmová with its project Garden Party, followed by Jazz Q and Martin Kratochvil, who recently released a successful comeback album again. The evening will close again Vlasta Redl and his band and flares, who moved here from the main stage during a performance of John Mayall. "Fleret a band Vlasta Redl are connected in a Jam Session and will play with them and we sing the fiery water from Moravia to morning ...., "he says, looking forward to the festival founder Martin Věchet alias Geronimo.

Today's program

Main Stage / Main Stage 15th 8th 2013
16:00 - OPEN AREA
18:00 - Worship - for the victims of displacement and four days of peace and friendship festival
19:00 - Čankišou
20:30 - Padlock
22:00 - Vlasta Redl with the band + Fleret
23:30 - John Mayall (UK / USA)
01:30 - "Minifestival" - A lone man with a guitar: Václav Havelka, Bahňous, Stoker One Man Band depends ....

Underground tent IM Magor Jirous
20:00 - Blanka Šrůmová & Garden Party
21:30 - Jazz Q Martin Kratochvil
23:30 - PAUSE - John Mayall on the main stage
01:00 - Vlasta Redl with the band
01:30 - Fleret
02:30 - Jam & Sassion blending into East sunshine: Vlasta Redl with the band and Fleret

Source: Press Release

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