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Quitting smoking? You do not gain weight!

Experience shows that people who put an end to tobacco, they tend to start gaining weight. And so it is for many people so hard to stop this addiction.

Experts from the University of Michigan asked smokers if they would be willing to give up smoking, if it gained. Nearly half of them said that in any case! What therefore have in mind when quitting smoking, but you do not want to gain weight?

5 rules for a life without tobacco and obesity

Praise be. Constantly repeat that you do well that you end up with cigarettes. Smoking is "offering" much greater risk than the enlistment of several kilograms. Smokers are 12 times more likely to get lung cancer, women even 22 times higher! Congratulate you and do not look back.
Be active. Swim, play tennis, walk the dog, do not drive a car and instead walks the walk. Studies show that when you are active during times when quitting smoking, minimizing both gain weight, but lose to other ideas and will not have the urge to smoke.
Change the routine. "Překopejte" their routine habits, avoid situations and places where you have previously smoked. Once this had to resign, if you get the urge to smoke, you will instead reach for food. Keep in your pocket constantly chewing gum without sugar, chopped carrots, etc. Use also that due to smoking will improve the sense of smell and taste.
Do not be alone in this. Be open and talk about his quitting with family and friends, tell them about their fears of being eating. Maybe the family will have a good idea how to tackle barriers.
Double your chances. Do not be left longing for a cigarette and take advantage of the products that offer you a lower dose of nicotine in a few weeks and slowly weaned "receptors" in the brain craving a cigarette. They are different nicotine gum, patches, etc.

Source: Smoking kouření.cz

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