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How to picnics and barbecues in?

How to picnics and barbecues in? Back from vacation is never pleasant. Do not look sourly this time and try the other hand, inspired by what you have seen and experienced abroad. Have you taken the warm evenings on the street? He envied the local lounging in parks with friends? So it will load among their home. Summer and Mediterranean temperatures that arrived this year for a long time and to Central Europe to call for this.

Nights like in the Mediterranean

I can experience in non-traditional evening, and finally feel the summer. You do not need to own or any villa with huge garden, more than enough current park. The condition is perhaps the only green grass, and when you come across a large table with benches, and eventually even the Sun I prepare handle smoothly if you start to mull over time. Buy and uchystejte a day a few goodies morning pushes the cart in the fridge at work and in the evening with them sit somewhere in the grass. Moreover, when rations fair share of guests, you come such a lavish picnic feast in the end cheaper than conventional home dinner. And a lot of fun. Neither diet need not be terribly complex. Fulfill the purpose of God bowl of salad, sandwiches, sweet as pie dessert, homemade lemonade Bandaska and of course plenty of wine or beer.

Smell of meat throughout the city

Picnics can also connect with barbecue. While this will require sophisticated logistics, but the reward will be incredible fragrance that will bear all the districts. The actual grilling is extremely simple. Peanut lies in preparation. Of course, all known chefs, gourmets and všeználci advises "best grilling steaks and marinade for no!" This council hold if you want to spend a fortune for meat, or spend over cheaper thin slices of beef clock wishful prayer "for God's sake, whether soft!" . If you want to eat, Forget the rules and grill what do you like, and the way that suits you. If you have - what is grilling concerns - beginner, I really do remorse and take the meat to prepare simple: chicken breast. Never going to happen, it would be tough on a plate, and when he is going to do the day before the marinade will be juicier than many flavorful pork and comparable with the best beef.

Marinade - alpha omega success

It is important not to underestimate the preparation. Ideally, divide the meat into several different sauces to every guest found mine. If you plan on grilling small apartment, think of the children and select at least one of the finer marinades. Fortunately for today available on the market many types of barbecue sauces, which are also free from additives and flavorings and maintain a genuine taste of the finest ingredients. Well-developed range of flavors a company has Spak. There are many fine sauces suitable for marinating like Cocktail or Herb. For gourmets who like to taste something new, prepare meat marinated in Tzatziky or green pepper. You do not put off even those who care for the line - offer them chicken breast marinated in a light sweet and sour sauce. Lovers of hot meals catered for. For them choose marinade of Evil, Mexican, Sharp curry or chili-garlic type.

Salad garnish

Remember, too, that the masses need something přikousnout. Standard bread for once try to replace the salad and do not be afraid to try to offer except vegetable and pasta. If you plan to grill vegetables, it will be to throw rice and salad. Only in this case instead of dressings (Spak offers yogurt in organic quality), choose something rather more dense - like mayonnaise WITHOUT by Spak (no artificial colors, flavors, flavors or preservatives). Then you just need to add celery, peas, corn, apple and try to supply food sour juiciness, and green herbs.

Anyway, you'll never be bored because you always out something surprising. Not only the smell and taste, but also weather or terrain. Therefore, it is best to start modestly with ready-made or home-prepared meals and complexity, and add gradually heat treatment. Finally, sandwiches and a bottle of good wine can conjure evening, which you will remember for a long time - even on vacation.

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