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Summer sex: that of pleasant experiences was just a problem

Summer is the travel season, garden parties, music festivals, but also various romances and one-night. It is in this period of rising incidence of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as unplanned pregnancy. We present a list of the most common risks and some of the principles of safe sex, making you reduce the risk of transmission of diseases and unwanted pregnancy to a minimum.

Who is to blame

The range of sexually transmitted diseases is very varied. The culprits are those representatives from virtually every corner of the animal kingdom - bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi and arthropods. Most diseases today is very treatable, but there are also those whose consequences can carry throughout life. The most common bacterial infections include gonorrhea, syphilis and soft ulcer.

Gonorrhea without symptoms

The originator of gonorrhea Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria is very sensitive, and therefore there is no need to worry about the transmission from a toilet boards, towel or simply by touching. Neisseria after transmission of sexually settles in the urethra and cause here purulent inflammation, which can progress to the bladder, prostate, epididymis, or in women in reproductive organs. For men with gonorrhea seen purulent discharge from the penis, but women are often no symptoms! Now women are therefore often bezpříznakovým carrier of the disease.

Syphilis and soft ulcer

Syphilis in recent years, is making a comeback, which is related to higher promiscuity population. The disease typically takes place in three stages:
In the first phase the infection - the bacteria enter the body appears as a painless chancre, which is mostly located in the sexual organs, but also in the mouth and on the hands.
Chancre disappears in a few weeks and then started full body rash that also wears off after a few weeks.
For several months to years to manifest third stage, characterized by impairment of many organs.

Last of bacterial infections is soft ulcer - a disease affecting primarily gay and manifested by the formation weeping sores in the genital and groin.

The threat of AIDS takes

The viral infection is necessary to mention the originator of cold sores herpes, cervical cancer and human papillomavirus deadly HIV virus. Keep in mind, however, that is transmitted through sexual contact and viral hepatitis B and C.
Genital herpes is the most common viral sexually transmitted infection. It shows the onset of painful blisters in vulva. In terms of mortality is the most severe HIV. It intercourse is the most common route of transmission, the anal variant is more dangerous than vaginal and oral injuries due to more frequent anal mucosa. The probability of HIV transmission from men to women is much higher than vice versa - it's probably related to a higher number of virus particles in sperm than in vaginal secretions. HIV infection in the early stages often seen as a normal flu or flu. Unfortunately for some, sometimes even decades to manifest malignant disease AIDS.

Mysterious chlamydia et al.

A special category is chlamydia, which are still do not know whether they belong to bacteria or viruses. They can manifest suppurative infections genital organs or specific disease called lymphogranuloma venereum and granuloma inguinal. Both diseases in Europe too often absent. This reflects the painful rash, swelling of the inguinal lymph nodes and genital disfigurement. Trichomonióza in turn is a disease caused by protozoan bičenkou vaginal. It affects mostly women and is manifested by yellow-green sweet-smelling discharge from the vagina. Another problem, called candidiasis, yeast produce. It is very annoying, but virtually non-fatal disease characterized by vaginal discharge "the appearance of cottage cheese." List of different sexual infections closes louse crab louse, originator filcek. Crabs are manifested itchy rash in areas of dense hair. However, absent in the hair, are not able to retain them.

Protect yourself, the possibilities are enough!

First Contraception. Most effective birth control is, of course, sexual restraint, but nowadays there are plenty of drugs that minimize the risk of pregnancy and transmission of STDs to a bare minimum. It is necessary to point out specifically that hormonal contraception while preventing conception, but does not protect against STDs. Whether you go anywhere, you'd better buy condoms have before and do not rely on the quality of products in foreign countries. In case of failure of protection during sexual intercourse can be purchased at a pharmacy called "pill last resort" to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse.

Second A sober mind. Summer Party and discos without alcohol usually can not do, however, need to know your peace. In the event that you are your partner for a summer fling is good too succumb to this delusion. A large proportion of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy occurs during sex in an alcohol intoxication. Some are needed to overcome natural barriers, but not drink until you are completely without power over themselves.

3rd The choice of partner. Exotic countries, local stalwarts Muscle and mysterious women. Dangerous combination, which closes the minds of many of us. When choosing a partner, however, proceed very cautiously, not judge him just by appearance. It is required of him at least learn a little something during intercourse always insist on protective equipment.

The summer has always been a hot night of passionate loves. However, nowadays with more promiscuous and more substantial population movements coming "comeback" and seemingly forgotten sexually transmitted infections. Please note, practice safe sex, whether of summer experiences become consequences for life.

Source: U lékař
Article Author: Jakub Holešovský, expert uLékař

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