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Spotlight on theater

Spotlight on theater Laughter, tears, awe, fear and madness in the faces of actresses and actors Švandovo Theatre offers theatrical exhibition of photographs Spotlight Theatre on the lower ground floor the shopping center.

A total of twenty-three black and white large format images of the actual performance of the theater that will be exhibited from 10 September to 26 October. Tour of the exhibition is free, is open daily from 7.00 to 24.00 pm

The exhibited prints by six theater photographers capture the most intense and also the most interesting moments from the show, which has Smíchovská scene to their current repertoire.

These include the need to Nordic excellent comedy Who's the director? and The Art of Negative Thinking with Michael Long, "women" original production CRY BABY CRY with Petra clove, Christine Frejovou and Klara Cibulkova, theatrical documentary Marilyn bastard with Zuzana Onufákovou, an adaptation of a horror novel Frankenstein and Philip cap, the film adaptation of Wings of Desire and Patrick Děrgel or new production Krakatit with Robert Jaškówem.

Photo beliefs theatrical emotions and passions completed on Thursday 12 September in 16 hours and live performances of actors and actresses who are in Svandovo home theater. It will take place directly between passersby and shoppers. Shooting acting performances and the exposure time is not only permitted, but encouraged.

Photographers: Patrik Borecký, Michal Hančovský, Alena Hrbková, Jungrová Elizabeth, Catherine and Robert Wolf Zahradníčková

Source: Press Release

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