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Breast cancer also applies to men!

Angelina Jolie recently spoke openly about the family curse in the form of breast cancer. Her breasts have had preventable. Men's reaction? Probably just that it's a shame ... But it is not just a purely feminine theme. Breast cancer is not unknown in men.

The case is less, but there are

Although men have chests as lush as women, the structure of the breasts too different. Male breasts are the same as breast girls before puberty. Due to the production of female hormones in girls size breasts post-treatment, while men remain "stunted". And why do male breast cancer is so little talk? The answer is simple. It is not so widespread. Only 1 in 100 cases for men. Transferred to the male population, in million healthy subjects are approximately 10 cancer patients.

Risk Group

On the lookout must have in particular:
Men with breast cancer rates in the near relatives,
older individuals,
those who were previously exposed to radiation exposure of the chest,
men with testicular disease or abnormally enlarged breasts
(due to drugs or infection).

Risk of late finding

Initially, doctors thought that in the case of male breast cancer is even more insidious form of the disease than women. Present findings aggressive tumors in both sexes are compared. A significant difference is in earliness diagnostics. Due to the small amount of breast tissue and its stiffness is significant to detect cancer in men later, often at an advanced stage. A tumor know how? The most common symptoms in men are:
presence of bulky chest,
bleeding from the nipple,
abnormalities of the skin in the area of the tumor.

Subsequent medical diagnosis is performed by physical examination, mammography and biopsy (taking a sample of tissue).

Hormones help

When the hit doctor "sew" the patient appropriate therapy for peace. Exploits surgical removal of the tumor, chemotherapy or radiation. Nothing is lost - such as hormonal therapy in men delivers significantly better results than in women. Breast cancer will never be pleasant. Modern times, however, brings hope for a cure for virtually every patient.

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