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Hidden risks of active holidays

Hidden risks of active holidays Are you planning holidays this year to dedicate movement? Then do not forget after visiting sports equipment and check his physical condition. Take into account also the fact that you might need to get a new larger kit. Only with black coal, thermometer and repellents not be enough this time.

Active holidays carefully plan, including sports commissary. Even more so if you are a recreational athlete type - the mountains in winter, in summer the water. Laxity would you like to withhold badly. Here are some organizational tips that you should definitely before the holiday to take into account.

We set ourselves realistic targets

Certainly nevyrážejte for hiking in the Alps or the Pyrenees, when you were recently symbol Highland mountains. I prefer to select location of the Czech basin - or how about Giant Forest? Such leave will cost you much cheaper than abroad, so if you climb the hills stops after a few days of fun, you can move to the valley for recreation and will not bother you so much remorse for what adrenalin in the mountains are his laziness or inability to come - you can return to them at any time, even for a weekend. Or conversely, if you're cruising the hills grabs, you can now happily preparing for the return of the expedition to the Alps.

Their health to properly secure the

Or destruction of equipment sebemodernější you work out as expensive as more or less common type of accident broken leg, concussion, let alone the type of accident crippled spine or collapse from exhaustion. Keep in mind that you may anticipate dangerous situations and keep available solutions. This is the most basic proper travel insurance. And even if you are planning to go abroad to round only sporadically, as well prefer to arrange insurance and medical expenses. Remember that for recreational cyclists begin to extreme sports conditions are much lower than for experienced athletes with the proper equipment and physical fitness.

When an accident happens

It will help you, that you'll anticipate. Not only that you carefully plan your route, but you will have with him first aid kit - the most important health needs. Fits you bandage which easily freeze the strained muscles or crippled limb. And do not forget to effective means to relieve any swelling. For example Dolgit - OTC drug in the form of a gel or cream - will relieve chilling, while accelerating tissue regeneration and helps in the absorption of bruising.

The risk of injury is also a major reason why one should not strike out for the sport itself - particularly the landscape and especially abroad. Packed phone with contacts for local paramedic or emergency should also be granted.

Sport and Nutrition

People who move tend to underestimate lifestyle. In the morning, crammed to bursting, because it is still waiting for a huge physical harness. But paradoxically body then goes to half throttle, it has a lot of work with digesting food. The result is that more sweat, stabbed in the side and they are not hard to achieve maximum performance - even in a small hill zadýchají and when it comes true thermals are over forces. Think about it and try to schedule your energy throughout the day. You will not be so threatening problems with heartburn, bloating, constipation or diarrhea vice versa. Anyway, be sure you take along medication that you can make complications. Such an ideal means as an OTC drug Ranisan 75 mg or Loseprazol, which is designed specifically to alleviate the problems of heartburn, upset stomach or gastric hyperacidity. Their big advantage is that they take up and provide relief very quickly - in a matter of minutes - and the effect lasts for many hours.

Much will also help regular drinks. Caution: not only alcohol but not energy drinks are not included in the drinking regime - their energy, but also has a diuretic effect, so only with them during sports certainly not be enough. 3 liters of still water a day trip is the very basis!

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