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Summer accidents and first aid? Watch the five most common myths!

Sunny weather is ideal for trips to the countryside and water. Active outdoors, but also brings with it an increased risk of injuries and painful situations. If you bet on healing "recipes" of our grandmothers, it does not always work. So be careful and avoid complications.

First To gently sting

It is true that "asbestos" should be quickly removed.
But the sting bee sting, wasp or hornet displacing never!
Extrusion is to allow the poison placed in a pouch at the end of the sting deeper penetration into the bloodstream with subsequent development of symptoms of swelling, redness, itching or allergic reactions to anaphylactic shock.
Sting can be carefully removed using tweezers or scrape flat card, fingernail, or reverse knife, if you can not grasp the fingers.

Second When bleeding from the nose nezaklánět!

Experience the recipe advises throw my head back and wait until bleeding stops.
Overturning the head backward, however, increases the risk of aspiration into the lungs, blood and its ingestion in the stomach, followed by vomiting!
The correct procedure is to press hard on the nose for 10 minutes while leaning over the head with a handkerchief or other attaching nose pads.
Resist attempts to check the bleeding and used a handkerchief or nasal pad remove less than five minutes.

3rd Items in wounds

For cutting and stabbing wounds accompanied by jam foreign matter under the skin is the first intuitive reaction removing "intruders".
After the stuck pin, tack, nail, broken glass, or a piece of wood into the skin but do not pull a foreign object, since the actual extent of the injury may not be obvious at first sight!
Larger objects can block blood flow and the rough removal can cause bleeding.
The only minor wounds take out objects that are visible and stuck just under the skin.
Do not forget to properly treat the injury.

4th When the man not to move

Injuries to bones and muscles - another example of how it should be at all costs resist instincts and to keep a cool head.
Every injury is in addition to the obvious injury to finish and those that are not apparent at first glance.
However, widespread mistake is affected immediately grab and move to safety - especially in the case of falls with a suspected neck injury, head or spine, never of the turn, pull and do not move it!
The key to a successful recovery is contrary stabilization position. Then it is necessary to make sure that the transfer of the wounded safe.

5th Burns do not delete

Who ever heard of it, the best cure for a fresh burn the butter or lard, which relieve pain and help healing?
However, the layer of fat burn lessened, but rather the opposite - to heat accumulation and increase pain!
Therefore, never apply any ointments or creams, including the currently popular aloe vera, which can lead to irritation and introduction of infection.
First aid consists of ordinary cooling burns under cold running water and attaching a cold compress.

Do not be left

A great helper that should not be missed in any summer cabinet is HemaGel - hydrophilic gel to accelerate the healing of wounds and burns. Quickly heals all the most common types of injuries including abrasions and cuts in the home. Prepare therefore prefer to all situations and myths give vale!

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