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Ethiopia: Eight hours on the road for 20 liters of drinking water

"Due to the lack of water is the life in our village are very difficult. I brought her family a bit, I spend seven hours a day in the mountains, far away from our village ..

Usually we go .. there are two other people with her ​​daughter, which I would otherwise not care. In the mountains, then fill the barrel dvacetilitrový and we are back, "says Ishino Ahmed Digal, twenty-three mother of two children living in rural areas Bare woreda in the Somali region of Ethiopia.

Somali Region has long suffered from a severe drought. Above all, people in rural areas are often reliant on drinking dirty water from rivers or the use of surface water and rain water we collect in puddles. In periods of insufficient rainfall have only a few places where you can get water. Women must for water to travel several miles a day. Carrying water a day spent much time and Basra Yasin, who along with her ​​husband and six children live in the Somali region of Ethiopia in Guled-Dere Kebele. "Drought takes a long time, we have no water to drink. Every day I spent five hours on the way there and back to 8 km distant city bar, where I took forty liters of drinking water. I returned home totally exhausted, while bringing the water to our family was not enough, "says Yasin Basra.

ADRA has brought to our village water. Can I be more concerned about the children as well as cattle

ADRA Ethiopia helps long-term residents of the Somali region access to drinking water to improve. In the area of ​​building wells and water tanks water infrastructure and critical periods regularly supplies water to communities that suffer the most because of the drought. In 2012, ADRA Ethiopia also 10 local communities stocked up on food for cattle, food and milk for children and repaired and cleared dozens of damaged and dysfunctional wells. Local people have shown to improve hygiene habits and how to properly care for drinking water supplies. "ADRA has brought to our village water, so my family now has enough water every day. Can I be more concerned about the kids, because I have more time, and I can again take good care of the cattle, "says Yasin Basra.

ADRA Czech Republic, together with partner organizations to help ADRA Ethiopia in 2013 in the Somali region in Barilee and Dhabab ensure access to water for 463 families and their cattle. In cooperation with local communities and authorities ADRA build a protected water tank, so that women will not have to travel for water several miles a day. The awareness training will be families familiar with the principles of good hygiene is the way of water resources and water quality properly cared for.

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