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Bernd returns to nature

Bernd returns to nature The very first vulture, which appeared on Czech territory became female Bernd when fly across Switzerland, Germany and Poland, until he came to the mountains. After seven weeks in the Prague zoo is on her way back to the wilderness.

Bernd ornithologists found at the end of May 2013 near the German Görlitz, hundreds of miles away from her former habitual residence. At the request of the organizer of the Swiss reintrodukčnho Daniel Hegglin went through the Liberec Zoo in Prague.

"Female Bearded Vulture Bernd came to us in early July. She was exhausted and weighed only 4,500 grams. The Prague zoo But her strength returned. With a weight of 5650 grams is ready to go back to nature Swiss Alps, "explains curator of birds Anthony Vaidl. Breeders have found that with Bernd follow the correct feeding regime on a regular weigh. If the female has taken too, could have problems with flying. "Bernd during their stay in Prague received mainly rabbits and rats. Our goal was to get it as soon as possible to optimal condition, "explains Vaidl. In nature, as for other bearded, feed mainly bones.

Prague zoo Bernd left on Tuesday 20 August 2013 at two in the morning. Accompanied curator of birds and breeder went to Zurich. Under the plan was still morning moved to the acclimatization aviaries and during the following days removed zoology in the mountains. When climbs bear šestikilovou bearded female back in heavy transport crate. More news to Bernd release back into the wild, offer Facebook profile zoo .

Bernd is part of the reintroduction program for bearded chins. Since 1986 he has been involved in it 197 juveniles, most of them to natural conditions without the hassle accustomed. The program is one of the most successful of its kind in the world. Zoo Praha participating in the program since 2000 and launched in freedom has 7 pups. The old, more than forty years, a few bearded Prague in recent years has been its young neodchovává. The male is an excellent adoptive parent bearded descendants living in other zoos.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo: Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha

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