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Do not underestimate the control wheel toe-in to avoid premature replacement of tires

Proper alignment, which is mainly the setting wheels balancing, has a significant impact not only on the driving characteristics of the car and its safety, but also the wear and tear of tires and other parts of the car. The control while standing just a few hundred crowns, and only a few tens of minutes to wait.

Trailers Rental cars are developed from the late 19th century, but even today their development can not be considered closed. Despite ever greater unification of technical solutions in the design of cars and trucks and various manufacturers often use different solutions hinges.

In common standard can be modified front axle with McPherson resilient units and rear wheels based on multi-element hinges. The complexity and diversity of these solutions is determined mainly by seeking automakers to meet diverse customer requirements. Some of them put emphasis on comfort, others for simplicity and low maintenance cost and a need for sporty driving. "Considerable efforts that hinge car hire and pay their tune, however, may come to naught if there is a neglect of maintenance," says James Proud of e-shop Get Pneu.

Standards of conduct wheel while driving are significant. This is particularly so in the vertical axis of the wheel when cornering or remained at elevated load perpendicular to the plane of the road and to get even with aggressive acceleration or deceleration of the car maintain proper control. Therefore, the wheel suspension of modern automobiles complicated, but can be set on them usually only the toe. "The term toe mean symmetrical angles which form an longitudinal axis of the wheels to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle in its idle state. On the driving characteristics of the car is affected mainly the front wheel toe-in setting. But even improperly adjusted wheel alignment causes asymmetric rear tire wear, which can lead to having to replace it prematurely, "says James Proud.

To change the wheels balancing can occur when you change any of the elements of their suspensions. Changing the geometry often causes significant disparities also passing on the road. Considerable damage can manifest tendency to veer to the side of the car, either in quiet driving or braking. Minor damage can occur but only with hindsight being asymmetric rolling off the tires. Only the car is properly set wheel alignment can cause driveability and stability of such qualities which by its manufacturer designed and built.

Control, and if the wheel alignment should be performed at each seasonal tire change. "Rate this operation is currently around 500 CZK and is usually extremely accurate laser sensor, which is mounted on wheels. Sensors are coordinated with the computer on which the factory default alignment values ​​for each type of car. This makes it easy techniques can achieve a perfectly accurate setting, "explains Jakub Get Pneu proud of." Only after such adjustment, the driver real assurance that the car retains its predictable and safe handling characteristics under all operating conditions, "he adds proudly.

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