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Another 'junk' from demonstrations beaten

Seniorce in court defeated by i-Rest, which place her trip to Karlovy Studánky demonstration took action, of which Mrs. Vlasta brought pots for thousands of dollars. The seller must return the applicant forty thousand crowns and going at him executor.

Mrs. Vlasta with requests for assistance addressed to the hotline association dTest to it together with the law firm helped give the seller action. The lawsuit now after a year and a half and won by i-Rest she must return 40,000 CZK.

"The court did not accept the claim and-rest, which sought to benefit from the exemption from the possibility of withdrawal, arguing that seniors contracted at home, and therefore could not withdraw from it. Based on the evidence, the Court decided in favor of the applicant and said the purchase agreement void, "says Miloš gin, Legal Adviser Association dTest.

The Court found that seniors did not intend to buy anything, and under the pretext of the trip was instead manipulative forced to participate in demonstrations and purchase goods. Invitation to the purported trip was extra circulated under the name of non-existent companies Wallachian Travel Agency Ltd., which the court found as a circumvention of the Act and conduct contrary to good morals.

"This case is proof that even a demonstration against the action there is an effective legal defense. However, it is necessary to address the situation as soon as possible and any dispute before give up. The only way to prevent dishonest dealers in other unfair practices, "says Miloš gin.

Information about upcoming demonstrations, consumers can now put on the website and warn others as well.

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