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Parks friendly to allergy sufferers: these are?

Begin your itchy nose and tears your eyes, just when you think a walk in the park? This means you summer especially anti-allergy medicines and difficult symptoms of pollen hypersensitivity? Then you probably also like the urban green planning with regard to what may cause allergy problems.

Sources problems

The worst enemy of allergy sufferers are mostly trees that spread their pollen letting the wind - such as ash, birch, various species of conifers, oaks and poplars. Although it would seem that their flowers are inconspicuous and harmless, in fact emit into the atmosphere huge amounts of pollen. Besides trees are also a source of trouble lawns that have not been mowed in a timely fashion and in the meantime grass could flourish and release into the air another dose of pollen.

Antiallergic solutions

If realized, where there is allergy biggest inconvenience would not be such a problem to design a park or garden so that there also are a strong pollen allergy feel your best. It is important to keep in mind the following rules:
Mow as often as possible so that the grass was never satisfied flourish.
When planning green to avoid strongly allergenic plants such as birch, hazel and oak.
The trees that include the most trouble, ie those that bloom only after getting the leaves (such as fruit trees and lime trees, which do not carry pollen by wind, but assists them insects).
Absolutely safe are also dioecious female plants that do not produce pollen at all.
Like trees even herbs, the plants with large decorative flowers are used to pollinate mainly insects and their pollen that is larger and heavier, not released into the air - these plants (such as roses) therefore allergy does not matter much.

Awareness in own garden

Although pollen allergy in the population, more and more, "hypoallergenic" parks and urban green is not about right and confess. Considerate pollen policy may introduce at least his garden and promote it wherever it is at all possible.

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