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Prague Zoo has bred dogs after ten years of forest

The Prague zoo was born another extraordinary young. They are four dogs, puppies South American jungle. Elsewhere in the Czech Republic are these beasts to be seen.

Three females and one male was born on 18 July 2013. Sire is genetically valuable male who is unrelated to other dogs rainforest in Europe - in Prague got up from Japan.

"Getting the male lasted two years and was very demanding, inter alia, through legislation,"
says curator of mammals Zoo Prague Pavel Brandl. "His offspring have the greater joy that breeding in zoos today is rather rare and too fail," adds Brandl.

Rearing was accompanied by several important measures. In the past, male proved to be anxious parent and the slightest signs of danger puppies moved from place to place. The passage about the exposure was therefore closed and the farmers themselves at the first control pups went up to five weeks of their lives.

Now the puppies leave birthing hut and is said to explore. Visitors thus have a chance to see the indoor exhibition area of ​​small American carnivores close-range polar bears.

The Prague zoo is these small canids recently proliferated in 2003. Prague Zoo is the only zoo Czech and one in twenty European, where you can see the dogs forest.

Dog Forest

It occurs in forest areas of South America from Panama to Brazil and northern Argentina. Due to the excellent swimming skills and flotation blánám the dogs rainforest in Spanish-speaking countries, says perro de agua, water dogs. The water pack often also hunt through a pack of small stature dares to even small deer. In a group or couple's dominant female that tags territory urine so that it can stand on the front paws and scent marks placed as possible. Interesting is also the very appearance of this small dog. The cylindrical body having a great breakthrough reeds and other water plants. In nature, are seriously threatened with extinction.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo: Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha

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