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The mysterious world of science in Six Chick

The mysterious world of science in Six Chick Hundreds of exhibits that will be used to test fantastic games and puzzles, inventions accessible not only adults but also children, live action and attempts ... From 3 30 September, Business Center Six live science and technology.

Under the auspices of an event called The Secret World of Science There is more than 600 square meters will present several universities and institutions - such as IQ Park Liberec, Faculty of Science, Technical University with its Inova Center, National Geographic or Merkur.

"What in the range will be one of the biggest projects that we are in our center yet implemented. We promise fun and learning for the whole family. On weekends interactive exhibition will complement the very presence of scientists or students who will study their inventions and attractive form closer to the thematic workshops, "says Barbora Frydrychová, manager OC Six. Weekend workshops will be the number six place every Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 18 hours, a live program, however, will take place on Thursday and Friday.

So what exactly is the center, visitors can look forward to? For example, at Inova Center CTU, which dominates sixes on Friday and Saturday, the 13th and 14 September his project Science is fun. Children will be able to try different experiments and in the meantime parents can discover the magic of 3D printers Be3D that there will be again on the 20th and 21 September. Then enchant adults and special interactive applications for tablets.

Every Thursday and Friday, with many adult back to childhood in the formation of Merkur. A major attraction will be really bulky installation and Thursday and Friday workshops for all enthusiasts.

Dozens of exhibits finally hits in Sixes also from Liberec IQ park. They are focused on developing intelligence for children and adults particular platform technology. Its application you will be able to immediately try to play corner with Nintendo.

Probably the largest representation will be fair (and hobbyist group) Games and puzzles. On display will be the latest historical puzzles, brain teasers Czech or Japanese, simple and those which are really "welded" brain. "Over the weekend everyone will be able to try traditional hedgehog pull out of the cage, play board games, penetrate into the principle of kaleidoscopes and kaleidoscope ..., "says Barbora Frydrychová.

Monitored and sought to children, students and parents have become all sorts of activities Faculty of Science, which in the Business Centre Šestka present his interactive natural science program under the auspices of Přírodově Her attempts, practical examples of research and its results, including chemistry, geology, flora and fauna, but also prehistoric lizards are hit the Internet. In areas Šestka is directed by sympathetic students and professors will operate on weekends molecular bar where you can taste an unusual-looking and bubbling drinks or ice cream from liquid nitrogen, pan for gold or to cuddle with scorpions and tarantulas.

Part of the project will be paid to the human brain. How our brain works, how much and how often you use is not big? On these and other questions can answer those who visit the imaginative presentation of National Geographic called witty brain in action.

Using optical illusions here will explain how human understanding of things connected with the eyes, what would happen if our eyes did not cooperate with the brain and how it works peripheral vision. Many a student and the student will appreciate practical tips on how to better use your brain, train and how to improve your mind and memory.

National Geographic plans from September a new series in which will deal with the functioning of the human brain. Six Visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to learn collectively lot of interesting information that sounds gradually over the 12 episodes of this show.

During the mysterious world of science, particular attention has traditionally been paid to the children. Outside of that program in areas Family Centre every Sunday held Sunday creativity workshops. Every working day from 15-19 hours and on weekends from 11 to 19 hours there will be ready Smart jungle gym. Besides mentioned Mercury workshops will also be available Lego and Lego Duplo play area. Special program then going Šestka also for kindergartens and schools.

"The whole approach has monthly events (natural) science and research of all those who do not have the space to get to know otherwise. After months of preparation, we are excited about the way the domestic universities and scientific teams learn to communicate with the public and their results can 'sell'. Hint that this line we certainly continue, "says manager Šestka Barbora Frydrychová.

Source: Press Release

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