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Švandovo theater opens the door and invites you to tour the Dášeňka

Švandovo theater opens the door and invites you to tour the Dášeňka Traditional open day will be held at Svandovo Theatre on Monday, 16 September 9 to 21 hours. Visit day for children, adults and school groups this year take place in the sign Krakatit, theatrical adaptation of the famous novel by Karel Čapek, which starts at the end of the month svand autumn season.

The role of guide - this time in disguise as a "mad scientist" - again taking the actors who are in the theater at home. "Theatre recognize this time as a laboratory, where it mixes laughter and crying in a bank," says Catherine Vodáková of theater marketing. According to her, waiting for visitors to experience explosive and elegance First Republic, famous characters from Čapek's works and also a small foxteriérka Dášeňka. Piece of the speech is said to stop even itself writer Karel Čapek: Now in Svandovo theater had met the love of his life Olga Scheinpflugová.

Besides popular visits backstage at this year's program includes meetings with Prokop, the hero Krakatit in the lab waiting for curious guests mysterious equation. "For the first time we will also ingeniously contrived scene of this production, which consists of a three-storey apartment building scenery accompanied by projections," says Vodáková.

Discounts, workshops and explosive program in the basement

His best pieces demonstrate a sound engineer, lighting, makeup, costume and stage equipment. There will also be gifts, competition and attractive discounts on tickets (1 + 1 free). Presented at workshops Švandovo theater. Ever since the 25th September's here again start acting, juggling, make-up, set design, photography, motion and puppetry workshops and courses. Their professional advice and experience in one year for anyone interested in theater arts shall be actress Christina Frejová, Martin Short or permanent host theater, an excellent set of Cakes and Puppets.

Just Cakes and Puppets, Theatre
and Children's Theatre flies studio, which also hosts the ŠVANDA year, prepare for the Open Day program explosive Studio in the basement and turn it so the "research center". Work will also be popular Kafárna where the program starts at 17.15 Literary Cafe.

Theatre Tours begin every hour on the hour. From time to 9-13 hours is reserved for school groups. From 16 to 20 hours then open the door to all the other supporters of the theater and its alchemy.

Details can be find on the web theater .

Source: Press Release

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