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Family day to kick off around the Dvořák Prague Rudolfinum

Family day to kick off around the Dvořák Prague Rudolfinum On the second Saturday in September about the Dvorak Prague Festival news, one full day of the festival dedicated to children and their parents. 14th September visitors can now visit the three concerts ready for the young audience, but also make your own funny book about Antonín Dvořák or watch a theater performance in the park. The program will take place at the Rudolfinum at Prague Conservatory and their surroundings.

"Classical music is a natural thing for a child, devouring her, when they sew concert for peace," says Marek Vrabec, artistic director of the festival, with a smile: "You may be surprised to have your kids will be the way to school singing Humoresque."
Outdoor events are free of charge.

That music develops the child's perception, sensitivity, imagination, creativity, communication skills, aesthetic experience and other relevant skills essential for a happy and full of life, no need to remind enlightened parents. Children from childhood rattle, humming, singing a ... Music for them is obvious from the beginning, which is worth cultivating. Indeed, the Antonín Dvořák heeded the musical education of his six children, and then the family tradition passed down to their children and grandchildren, among which are then experienced another extraordinary talent - violinist Josef Suk. It must therefore not the Dvorak Prague definitely miss program for kids!

The children and parents will musically care from morning until evening. First, they opened the Prague Conservatory and sheer musical visit schools where Dvořák had a peculiar řediteloval for them can be a great experience. What about the opportunity to sing in the local concert hall, together with the famous Prague Philharmonic Children's Choir. In an interactive concert Calling sun, the children become familiar with Dvorak's melodies, such as Largo from the New World Symphony, Humoresque or loudmouth cycle of piano poetic moods, but also learns something congregational singing. Music and dance suite Calling sun then show them fascinating processing Czech and Slovak traditions, ceremonies and folk customs composer Otmar Macha and choreographer yawning Vajsarovou. The attention, curiosity and cooperation child care listeners experienced moderator classical music events for children and author of radio programs Petr Kadlec.

The park will be built on the waterfront Rudolfinum conducted by Metamorphosis Foundation open-air theater and introduce children to the Gardens of boredom and fantasy that reflects today's world přehlcenosti everything. All we have to guide someone else invents ideas, boredom reigns. As the children wake up fantasy? And the effect on them an environment in which they live? Some questions know the answers, but we will try to at least look to be in nature. Now the relationship to nature and discusses interactive fairy tale full of songs that will be repeated twice, at noon and in the evening, as well as other events, concerts always between family day.
Children will also be able to make your own book about the famous composer, one of his compositions, and one of his passions. For example, the Humoresce and trains, the New World Symphony and America or Rusalka and pond in High near.

Do not know whether and to what tool you could make your child play? Let him be inspired by the classic afternoon concert least. Margaret Vejvodová you will be here to tell the children about musical instruments and how little practicing musician. In the Concert Hall of the Prague Conservatory will perform a variety of classical instruments to pupils of basic schools of art and school Music City. Prague.

The highlight of the family becomes a celebration of musical genius in the open air Dvořák open air by young talented musicians - file Cantarina Clarinette Clarinet and Chamber Ensemble students at the Prague Academy of Music. They made ​​sounds such as the Slavonic Dances and the famous Largo from the New World Symphony.

On older children and their parents in the evening waiting in the Suk Hall of the Rudolfinum engaging lecture on Dvořák scholar David R. Beveridge Antonín Dvořák him know. The guest of honor will show Antonín Dvořák III., The only living grandson of the composer. Among others present two lesser-known works by Dvorak - the third and fourth symphony, which subsequently heard from 20.00 in the Dvořák Hall of the Rudolfinum in filing Beijing Symphony Orchestra. We could hardly find a better proof of immortality and worldliness Dvorak's music than that 109 years after his death his play dimensional works of Chinese not only known for hits such as the New World Symphony and the Slavonic Dances.
In case of inclement weather, the outdoor event will take place in alternative spaces.

The Dvorak Prague Festival
International music festival Dvořák Prague is not only a celebration of musical genius, and the world's best-known Czech composer Antonin Dvorak, but also an important social event. It's a parade of top soloists, conductors, internationally acclaimed orchestras and chamber ensembles. Come to Prague to introduce an international audience Dvorak's music and works by other composers in the world.

The festival is held under the auspices of the Mayor of Prague and the support of the City of Prague.
Dvořák Prague is a member of the Association of Music Festivals in the Czech Republic. It will take place on 8 - 20th 9th 2013.

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