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Do you smoke? Maybe it's the trauma of childhood

If you are like children experienced some stressful experiences can affect how you behave in adulthood. These unpleasant memories can happen even for the emergence of various addictions.

For life

Childhood is considered a critical period of development. If there is an increased production of stress hormones can negatively contribute to the development of various mental disorders in adulthood. These include, among other things, prone to depression, anxiety disorder or a substance abuse, including cigarettes.

And he found a new research published in the journal BIOMED?
Highlights the direct link between emotional, physical and sexual abuse of children and future unhealthy behaviors later in life.
According to the survey, more than 60% of adults who smoke has admitted that as a child experienced at least one traumatic event that is somehow said.
More than half of these people were women.

When the risk increases

Psychiatric disorders, including depression and anxiety, increase the risk of smoking. It is known that smokers try to become someone who grows up in a family where this vice or grown increasingly consume alcohol. However, the survey also showed that women who have a child physically or emotionally abused were 1.4 more likely to start as adults indulge in tobacco. In addition, in the event that their parents got to prison, this "chance" even doubles!

Men are more adaptable

Adverse childhood experiences increase the risk of psychological suffering for both men and women - it is more likely that these individuals start smoking. However, both studies showed that the risk is higher for women. Men therefore probably have better mechanisms to cope with the traumas of childhood. The new findings may help in the strategy to stop smoking, especially among women.

Source: Smoking kouření.cz

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