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What should a child know before going into first grade?

What parent would not be nervous when it comes to their child's first day of school? But when the new situation prepare in time, reduce the work by not only his children but also his nerves. Practise with a descendant of skills they will need to get started. Everything else then calmly leave the school.

To be able to sign

Each teacher will tell you that a child may not be able to read and write before they start in the first grade. On the other hand, even if the entire alphabet with your child easily learn in school, some basics you would have to equip beginnings. The child should be able to sign at least their first name (or a simplified version) and recognize some letters. Leave it as often as possible and draw pictures of their sign.

Properly speaking

Even before entering the school the child should have the appropriate vocabulary. It must also understand the opposite terms, such as "long" and "short". The child should also recognize colors. One of the good ways for their children to expand their vocabulary and help them learn to express themselves is loud reading. In addition, take time with your children as much as possible to speak, whether in food, in a car or other daily activities. Allow it to express their views, discuss and ask questions.

Mastering the numbers

Even before the child goes to school, should have basic numeracy. This includes not only be able to name a number between ten and add and subtract the smallest number, but also an understanding of concepts such as "more" and "less" or "first" and "last". This includes basic orientation in time - the child may not be able to clock, but should know the seasons, days of the week and a few months of the year. Your child occasionally ask questions "how much" (as the potato on the plate) and let it count. Important thing is that the numbers and mathematics to become your child from an early age nightmare, but that it was considered a matter of course.

Recite a poem

Maybe you reciting poems seems a little outdated, but believe that this skill is not suitable only for the astounding grandmothers or boring party. Reciting nursery rhymes and simple songs from memory supports the ability of purposeful learning, and also a fun way. This course is an opportunity to showcase the learned properly and receive the expected praise!

Simple to use computers

Unlike reciting poems include work with the most modern computer skills that today's children would definitely not be missed. More and more schools have introduced new ways of teaching using modern technologies and their control, therefore the child should be natural. Let your kids use computers or tablets to be used for simple games - for preschoolers there are plenty of those from which i can learn something useful.

Not to get lost in the collective

To make the school the child does not become a nightmare, besides knowledge and technical skills crucial and basic social skills. Especially if you have only one child at home, it is important before entering the school to get used to life in a group of peers, ideally in pre-school. In addition, you at an early age had your child learn the basic rules of human coexistence, as is the art part, rent a toy and not to harm other children. Just be careful to adequately support children's natural assertiveness and the child will need to assert itself in the community and felt that the others "take". To put it in a nutshell, never do not humiliate your child, consider his views and okřikujte it only when it is really necessary.

Author: MD. Helena Janíčková, expert uLékař
Source: U lékař

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