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One third of Czech first-graders has deformed feet

One third of Czech first-graders has deformed feet In recent years, the number of children entering the first grade of primary school with acquired disabilities feet, although the vast majority of them are born completely healthy. According to the latest data from the Czech Footwear and Leather Association makes this number nearly 30% of first-graders. Influence on the deformation of the feet, according to experts, in particular the lack of quality shoes, the child in the first years of his life wearing.

According to specialists, parents selection of children's shoes often underestimate or do not know what standards should meet the shoe.
The problem deepens also the fact that the Czech market available products which correspond neither to basic orthopedic and hygiene criteria for prescription footwear. These relate to the principles of anatomy such as the child's foot, the right style shoes or shoe materials used.

"The development of the legs, of course, in addition to movement and training are also critical type, character and materials of shoes, the child wears. Construction of the child's feet is very different from the adults. Very fast growing bones and the cartilage and soft, thus easily deformable. The most common flaw is flat feet in children, "explains chief of orthopedics Pelhřimov George Běhounek, Secretary of the Czech Society for Orthopaedics and Traumatology." When choosing shoes is very important right cut and material. Parents should not vote pointy shoes, which can cause damage to the fingers. Avoid should they be too loose shoes, which makes the leg to slide the tip. ideal is a lightweight shoe of leather, which naturally adapts to the shape of baby feet, "advises Jolana Nemcova Moleda from the company that manufactures orthopedic tested children's shoes.

Children's feet are compared to those of adults, reduced sensitivity to pain and pressure. For this reason it is often a problem for parents to identify a well-fitting shoe. According to specialists pay little attention is especially flexibility and weight of the shoe, yet it is these factors include the selection of the core. Fewer and fewer parents have when shopping takes on a qualified measurement size of the child's feet.

"It is imperative that prior to undergoing testing shoes baby leg measurement. Parents would then have the choice of footwear crave more specifically, for the width and length of the leg is offered a suitable model, "recommends Vlasta Mayer of the Czech Footwear and Leather Association." Theme deformed feet and toes is still actual, currently covers less than a third entering first-graders. So we decided to parents the right choice easier by introducing a special certification logo giraffes, which shows the health of shoes, "says Mayer.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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