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Psoriasis, a disease with many faces

Psoriasis is one of the most common reasons to visit a dermatologist. It is an inflammatory disease with a variety of symptoms which are caused by disorders of the immune system. The cause is not exactly known, but risk factors include the presence in the family, stress and certain infectious diseases.

Basic Types

Psoriasis has several different forms, which differ in their symptoms.
Plaque psoriasis or bearing. This is the most common type, which is characterized by the occurrence of itchy skin flaked bearings, which is slowly increasing. It most commonly affects the elbows and knees, ie places that are exposed to a higher pressure. It may be mistaken for eczema, fungal disease or seborrheic dermatitis. Ta but unlike psoriasis affects the skin in areas of increased sebum secretion, ie mainly in the hair and face.
Inverse psoriasis. Unlike bearing the inverse psoriasis occurs mainly at points softer skin and frequent evaporating. Most often find her in the groin or skin folds on the abdomen and under breasts.
Teardrop psoriasis. Typically for children and younger adults. Often follows a streptococcal throat infection, and therefore to its treatment and use of antibiotics. This is the distribution of small red patches all over the body.

Clear signals

The disease psoriasis is erratic - for example, although bearing type most often affects the elbows, we can not find it on the head. Inverse type is characterized by the occurrence of algae in skin, but also appears on the palms or soles of the feet. diagnosis of this disease because it can sometimes be difficult. Still, there are some signs that are typical just for psoriasis.
Bearings peeled skin are typical striations, red color and are sometimes bordered by a lighter stripe healthy skin.
New sites appear mostly at sites of injury after one to two weeks.
Scratching causes bleeding point.
Cutaneous manifestations are accompanied by changes in the nails. Typically thickening of the nail together with a loss of gloss and appearance of oil stains.

Modern treatment produces results

Psoriasis is uncomfortable and carries with it other complications, such as joint disease or increased risk of cardiovascular disease. If you experience the above symptoms, see a dermatologist and get advice. Modern treatment minimizes symptoms of other dangers of this mysterious disease.

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