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Strawberry yogurt almost without strawberries, but with chemistry

In the test, the quality of strawberry yogurt consumer magazine dTest showed that only three of the 17 products tested, came and went with no added artificial flavors or colors.

The content of fruit in strawberry yogurt There is no decree, the actually used amount of strawberries are subject to the individual yogurts vary significantly. To achieve strawberry taste, smell or color then a large majority of producers helps synthetic ingredients. Of the 17 tested, 14 of them strawberry yogurt contain artificial flavor. In addition, they contain colorants, such as frequently used color E 120, also known as cochineal, carmine, or carminic acid, which is associated with hyperactivity in children.

"If there is enough fruit yogurt ingredients do not have to help out the flavors, color, starch or gelatin, so we recommend these items to pay attention to the packaging," said
Ondřej Janoska of the magazine dTest. It is true that the label is not always rely on. "Producers on the labels often promise more fruit than it really is in yogurt. Attract such a designation to "live yoghurt" or "live cultures", which is also quite misleading - the required amount of high-grade live lactic acid bacteria is to contain every product called yogurt, "said Ondřej Janoska.

Winner became strawberry yogurt Bill Our bio, which contained by far the most strawberries, and dispensed with entirely without artificial colors or flavors. In sensory (sensory) test evaluators more surprisingly tasted artificially flavored yogurts. The good news is that the best in this assessment fell yogurt AGRO-LA South yogurt
from Henry Hradec, who not only did not contain any chemical substitutes, but in addition to a quantity of strawberries ranked fourth of all samples tested.

Only with natural ingredients to get by only one of the tested products - Bio farm yogurt Hollandia, but he nezabodoval in the sensory part of the test.

The entire test strawberry yogurt published in the journal dTest 9/2013 can be found at / strawberry-yoghurt

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