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Luba Skořepová: "I'm only 90! Here I go! "

Luba Skořepová: "I'm only 90! Here I go! " On the occasion ninetieth birthday of actress Luby Skořepová will be the 22nd September, from 19 hours in the cafe Theatres ABC held a moderated sitting with Lubo, her friends and guests.

Luba Skořepová will talk about her life with not only masters of ceremony Aleš Cibulka, but also in the Hrzánová Barbara, Arnost Goldflam, Milos Horanským or with Andrew hare.

The café Theatres ABC show Alena Hrbkova see that shot birthday girl, as yet unknown. You can look forward to innovative snacks, meals will be prepared according to the recipes Lubiny grandmother.

Free sales are included only a limited number of tickets. In the evening, "I'm only 90! Here I go! "Is a unique opportunity to personally congratulate Lubě Skořepová the jubilee. Tickets for the price of 220 CZK purchased at theater box offices and Rococo ABC or online .

Luba Skořepová

She was born on 21 September 1923 in Náchodě. Despite the protests of parents enrolled at the State Conservatory in Prague, where she studied with Ladislav Pesek and Anna Iblová. In 1945 she joined the J. Honzl file in the Studio of the National Theatre, where she brought a friend and later husband Josef Pehr. With him rode together in the forties children play puppet theater. Since 1948, the actress won a permanent engagement at the National Theatre, where he still works.

In addition, tirelessly preparing their own projects (in theater in Řeznické, in the theater at Vals in the Rococo Theatre in Viola, in Ruby or Ypsilonka). Since the mid-forties, when he first appeared on the big screen, has a dozen rolls and rolls of film and television. Most viewers remember her from the series, where she appeared as a maid in a marriage of convenience, Aranka the Cottagers, Mrs. Plecitá in the square, Village Square and ditches, etc.)..

She has written eight books about nature, theater and actors, astrology and magic. The Prague Municipal Theatres, you can see the girls in your calendar and monodrama César and Drana.

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Photo to tz A. Hrbková

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