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Burning Bush heads to Czech cinemas and the Americas

Burning Bush heads to Czech cinemas and the Americas Miniseries burning bush, which was first introduced on canvas audiences at the Karlovy Vary on two completely sold-out screenings, brought to Czech cinema distribution company FALCON.

Drama charting the key period of our modern history from today is the audience for a limited period of time in a unique, newly edited film version of the total length of 206 minutes. Under the official name of the burning bush, the film version title shall exclusively CineStar multiplex cinema.

The story of Agnieszka Holland and Stephen Hulík the beginnings of standardization in the post-August Czechoslovakia was the movie channel HBO premiered in January of this year and recorded an extraordinary response from audience and critics. His protagonist Ivan Trojan was in June this year awarded the Golden Nymph International TV Festival in Monte Carlo.

The original miniseries, which was not mentioned at all movie channels HBO in Europe, continues its successful festival campaign. After the Festival in Rotterdam, Sydney and in Carlsbad moves to the American continent, where it will be in September with the participation of the director stated at the International Film Festival in Toronto, at the prestigious festival in Telluride, Colorado, where he was joined by the main actress Tania Pauhofová, festivals in New York and Vancouver.

In total this year's Burning Bush attended by more than twenty major film festivals. Burning of the will in November and December also once i put in the Czech Centre in London, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem.

More information about the project can be found here .

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