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Fungal nail disease - only blemish

Nail fungus is not affected by anything nice. At the same time it is not a mere cosmetic deficiency. These fungal infections can pose a much greater health risk than most of us think. He decides to pay to solve the problem in time - as an expert!

Most "suffer" legs

Mycosis of nails is indeed common infections that cause different types of mold, but it can make life a lot. As Mrs. Jarmila that fungal infections in nails foot suffered several years.

At first she did not want to visit a doctor because she feared that one treatment is "tearing down" the nail, but later sought expert and today is like. As he says, initially appeared on the nails only slight milky or yellow colored stain on the edge of the nail, which is then spread across the nail surface. "Nails look really ugly, were dull, brittle and looked like wood," says Jarmila problem. Treatment lasted quite a long time, probably because it took her so late.

Fungal nail disease is unfortunately a disease that is actually very difficult and hard to treat. That's why doctors recommend to start treatment as soon as possible, even as he begins to discover the itching between the toes - this is because one of the first signs of illness. Unfortunately, this inconspicuous peeling skin between the toes people often pass, while one of the major signals that should not be underestimated. At this point it is necessary to "fight back" to find a dermatologist. Only he will recommend the proper treatment. If you do not, the fungus gets into the nails and their surroundings and the bad.

Causes and symptoms

Symptoms of hard to miss - as already mentioned in the introduction, the disease most often starts itching between the toes, appears yellowish spots on the nails and change the quality of your nails. Why mold "attacks" especially fingernails? As he says dermatologist Dr.. Carolina Kykalová, nail keratin (protein structure of the nail plate) is a good place with the necessary ingredients of nutrition and growth conditions for different types of fungi that attack the nails. "Mold here are not only good nutrition, but also optimal growth conditions - heat, moisture, slow re-growth nails, "he explains. Unfortunately, a lot of people the first signs of disease downplays while it comes to a serious infectious disease, which in the end leads not only to the affected nails, but also painful to walk or run. Infection can easily reach the surrounding nails and surrounding skin and move on to another person with whom the sick person in touch.

Removal of the nail you do not have to worry

To get the mold complicate life, it is necessary to them "fight" the right treatment. Then, you should leave it in the hands of a doctor. Do not be afraid - nowadays it is affected nails surgically nestrhávají, even if just this information among people is on the rise. Today, the so-called onychomycosis (fungal nail disease) treated with modern ways and methods that are not drastic.
The truth is that the treatment is still very difficult and time consuming, but very effective. Diagnosis The doctor will decide on sight if he wants to be but it sure can make examination of samples scales (the cause is demonstrated in about 80%) or culture (meaning is that the nature of the mold intended to help physicians determine whether the treatment is to use more tablets or treat mold externally).
There are treatments total (tablets) and local antifungal. "It is a special substance having an effect on fungi and their spores. Effectively destroys interference in their membranes (disturbed the surface and dissolve infectious agents) or internal metabolism (kill them). Both types have their indications, such as disability and 5 more nail discs in the lower extremities and 3 more on top are indicated total mykotika, that are used swallowing. The type is always determined by taking the nail discs and microbiological determine the type of mold, "said medical procedure dermatologist Carolina Kykalová. They are used in about three months, and sometimes use is to be repeated. "Local products are used even without donations, depending on how the nail plate looks (clinical findings). They are applied several months to a year, until the affected nail plate neodroste a new nail is without disabilities. The use of local products is very effective, but much depends on the patient perseverance and diligence, "said a doctor. What you should also know but - in the case of "lubrication" fungal products is not only necessary to remove the nail, but the whole flat feet, including foot and toes. For much of thickened nails can nail plate grind to a topical medication more easily to the affected nail folds.

What to avoid?

Molds are like moisture and heat, so it is not surprising that fungal nail infections affect mainly people who often like to attend a public bath, shared showers, saunas, swimming pools and sports facilities. Walking barefoot on rugs, carpets and wooden racks for example in hotels is really a big risk. Only knowledge of the environment plays a significant role in the fight against mold! The same is true not only for prevention but also for the behavior of already sick people. So if you fall ill and are being treated, you should definitely during treatment to avoid public places where there is a risk that you infect someone. And not only a damp climate, to mold like, but also for example on fabrics, such as towels and the like, which may contaminate and cause additional infection. When selecting clothes rather choose cotton, mold much natural materials may not. "Following the simple action is necessary. During the skin do not go to public pools, the nail disc disease should be treated nail plate health protective coatings with anti-effect and before and after intensive clean disinfectant on the skin, "says dermatologist Dr.. Kykalová. Even if the treatment is successful, very often a risk of recurrence, so that certainly does not hurt you and then at least once a week greased 1-counter antifungal cream skin soles and toes.

When mold nail forget about artificial nails!

Gel and artificial nails are definitely not the solution to this situation. On the contrary, it may get worse. Likewise, the treatment is not recommended to apply to the affected nail classical color lakes. Targeted nail care but of course helps, therefore pedicure. However, it should be noted Podiatrist that you have mold on the nail plate, and treat it in cooperation with the dermatologist. Most importantly, however, home care and hygiene. Here it is necessary to use disposable files (sandpaper, after which altered by filing throw) and other disinfection tools (scissors, nippers, etc.).

Other recommendations

Observe hygiene.
Do not wear someone else's shoes, if you have got and disinfect them first.
Feet should never stay long in a closed, moist environment.
After visiting public pools treated with disinfectant foot, and if you see someone that has mold, inform him of the possibility of spreading disease.
Do not wear often impermeable shoes or boots.
If you're visiting, do not wear their slippers, but rather be "barefoot" or wear your own.
Never use common towels and other toiletries, and even with other members of the household!
Shoes regularly disinfect special means.
Replace your socks daily and regularly replace towels.

Did you know that ...
More than 90% of people with mycosis of nails do not visit a doctor?
Fungal diseases can easily infect people with diabetes, people with venous insufficiency, people who are more likely to get hurt (sports, ballet, etc.), and people who wear tight shoes?
Developed nail fungal infection may prevent even simple tasks such as tying shoelaces, etc.?
Many patients with fungal nail suffering from depression, lowered self-esteem and problems in relationships?

Author: Ivana Ašenbrenerová, expert uLékař

Source: U lékař

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