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Be an expert in coffee drinks

Do you like coffee, but it does give you a bit of trouble making sense of the different kinds of aromatic delicious drink? Would you like sometimes something other than "press", but you do not know what to expect next drink? We bring you a manual coffee expert.

Drink a volume of about 30 ml made ​​under pressure of approximately 9 bar with a recommended extraction time from 20 to 30 seconds - it's espresso. "We want to prepare the perfect espresso, then we have to use 14 grams of coffee. The first and primary criterion for assessing the quality of extraction of the coffee foam on the surface - crema - which during generates. Espresso is just one. There is no small or large espresso and certainly not piccolo, "explains Eva Jeřábková of café chain Costa Coffee.


Ristretto is a short espresso with a capacity of about 20 ml. Stronger "kick" or the Czech People "coffee kick" is rich in flavor, but not in the amount of caffeine.

Espresso Doppio (Double Shot)

This popular coffee beverage is extracted from 14 g of coffee such as espresso, but the amount of water in one cup is doubled (60 mL).

Espresso macchiato
(pronounced "makjáto")
Classic espresso macchiato is espresso with a drop of milk foam added to the creme. "Modern is a miniature version of the drink cappuccino - a cup of 80 ml ​​contains espresso and is complete to the brim with microfoam."


Cappucino is stronger drink with milk foam. The base is espresso and hot milk. "According to the classic Italian recipe this is the ratio - one third espresso, one third milk and one third milk foam. In our stores we also offer chocolate and cinnamon powder. "

Caffè latte

Caffè latte, the Italian »CAFFELATTE« - coffee and milk - is the weakest coffee drink when comparing caffeine content. In preparation of espresso and creamy milk. "It's a drink solid color (which is achieved by rapid shedding of espresso) with milk foam with a height of 1 cm on the surface of coffee and a dot in the middle. Primo and media size can be enjoyed from glasses, then Massimo size of a cup of 500ml. "

Corto Classic

This coffee drink is prepared from a mixture of two shots Mocha Italia with milk foam latte art decorating technique on the surface. "Modern coffee drink is served in a glass with a capacity of 130 ml. Short extraction of two doses of espresso guarantees that the coffee you get really the best. Strong and intense, yet smooth and creamy - that's Caffe Corto. And who likes to travel, can not resist the ongoing contest (September and October) Coffee CORTO for two, thanks to which you can get only coffee Corto free, but above all to win a trip for two to London. Watch / CostaCoffeeCZ to learn more. "

Flat white

Flat white is prepared in a glass or cup cappuccinového three shots of espresso (doppio) extracted as long as ristretto and left, the warm milk with foam that creates a surface of about 0.5 to 1 cm layer.


"Americano is espresso supplemented to increase the volume of hot water, most often in the ratio 1:5," says Eva Jeřábková of Costa Coffee.

Author: Sarka Pelcová

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