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Price Michal Velíšek 2013

Price Michal Velíšek 2013 Nominate to 11 Oct. your friends, neighbors or relatives for the prize Michal Velíšek. After a day, the stories with a capital "P", which is proof that there are those among us who does not care what is happening around them. Do not hesitate to immediately help when unexpected witness some injustice. Regardless of the consequences for themselves intervene when it comes to someone about health or even their lives. And such people that price reflects the eighth year ADRA and TV NOVA recognition.

The stimulus act became editor Michael Velíšek TV Nova, which was the 13th September 2005 killed at Charles Square in Prague. He did not hesitate to speak out unknown young women abuser, even though he was on a walk with less than a year old daughter in a stroller.

Who is morally valued annually? They are men, women and children, people of different professions, ages, different life experiences and opinions. It combines a sense of justice, goodness, truth, determination and almost always modesty. And with such people want to ADRA and TV Nova inform the public this year.

His stories that happened in between 13 September 2012 to 13 September 2013, whose heroes were not doctors, paramedics, police officers, soldiers, paramedics, firefighters and other professionals, you can send to 11 October through the form here . From all nominations received after the prize committee will select three stories that best offense M. Velíšek, ie. that regardless of the personal risk to non-professionals immediately defended the man who was the health or life.

Reconstruction of these stories gradually broadcast TV Nova in November. After a recent news report will be followed by 3 December 2013 internet poll on the website of ADRA. The award ceremony and presentation of the award - a glass angel who shows his mouth open screaming as a symbol of applications call for help. The announcement will be held traditionally in ceremonial halls of the City of Prague 9 December. This will prevent long-term project as part of the ADRA "Heroes Among Us" seminar for the general public on the theme "Dare to judge."

The aim of this long-term project under the patronage of Mrs. Ivy Velísková is to promote attitudes of decency, courage and bravery that should not be missed in the behavior of each of us. Patronage of the project has been accepted each year as Mayor of Prague. ADRA and TV Nova and want to contribute to the fact that people learned about the stories of courage, bravery and deep humanity.

For more information about this award can be found here .

Source: tz ADRA

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