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Japanese Reiki master Hyakuten Inamoto in Prague

Japanese Reiki master Hyakuten Inamoto in Prague September is a month full of interesting events, upon arrival 14tého Dalai Lama will visit the 9 - Between Czech Republic and Reiki Master rev. Hyakuten Inamoto, founder Komyo Reiki Kai.

Reiki Master rev. Hyakuten Inamoto comes from Kyoto as well as the discoverer of Rei Ki Master Mikao Usui Sensei and his student in the 4th line. Currently actively teaching in Asia, Europe, Australia and America.

Reiki is a universal healing energy, its history, you can learn to Friday, 9.20 at 17 am at the lecture with meditation. In Prague, in the Conference Hall of the Riverside Hotel on the seafront Janacek 15th
The lecture is a projection of photos, shared meditation. All will be held in English with translation into Czech. Follows the lecture 09.21 Course Reiki I. and Sunday, 22.09 Meeting of Champions.

It is part of the research is a hot topic that interests master. Stresses that understanding and expansion Reiki healing methods need good research and a team of experts has made the first contacts.

Briefly about the history of Reiki

History of reiki is several thousand years old and probably knew her and also used Buddha and Jesus. Some sources say that with reiki priests worked in Egypt for three thousand years BC. It is a life-giving energy coming from the universe and it is up to us whether we learn to use it and whether you want to use. With Reiki we can cope with the physical and emotional problems and come to the knowledge and understanding of the meaning of our lives. One has already opened the first stage of its energy channels this energy. This force releasing mental blockages that are often the cause of our ills. Do not expect miracles, but let reiki to help us. Everyone is on its effects can persuade. To do this, we may need to use reiki reiki master who initiate us and allow us the life-giving energy to flow through.

When passing reiki can be said to measure a large pulsating biomagnetic field, because the pulses move at similar frequencies as brain waves (0.3 - 30 Hz). Independent research by Dr. Robert Becker and John Zimmerman dealt with what happens in practice reiki. The researchers found that not only brain activity curve of the donor and the recipient are synchronized in the alpha state, but that their pulse united with the earth's magnetic field, known as the "Schuman resonance". During the transfer of reiki is said biomagnetic field of the practitioners 1000 times greater than normal.

Reiki energy flows herself in the most damaged areas. So where is it currently possible. It is like water. It also flows to the lowest point. For many a reiki immediate relief. It relaxes, relieves pain, speeds healing process, bringing relaxation, balances the chakras and the energy field. In the world of healing through Reiki is much more widespread than us. This applies mainly to Western Europe, USA, Canada and Japan. In these countries have successfully introduced Reiki into hospitals as a supporting component of treatment. We can not but remember that reiki healer, not a doctor! There is therefore diagnostician. The correct diagnosis and treatment must determine the suitability of a doctor. Reiki is supportive therapeutic method does not replace or psychotherapy or medical treatment, but can support.

Source: Press Release

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